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Vida Home Loans: Mortgage reviews

Based on 29 reviews, last reviewed 9th Sep 2022
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Over and Above I honestly could not fault VIDA at all. Yes, it probably took a little bit longer than most, but what do you expect when you are going to a specialist... Read more Reviewed on: 6th September 2021
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Cowboys The worst company ever I deal in my life. Reviewed on: 9th September 2022
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A. S.

About the Mortgage

Vida Homeloans provides mortgages through intermediaries. The lender claims to help borrowers in a range of circumstances, including first time buyers, expats, the self employed and more. It’s important to understand the Ts and Cs and interest rate of a mortgage. Always consult the lender or an independent advisor if you have any questions.

No matter your circumstances, finding the right mortgage and lender for your needs can be difficult. Reading customer reviews can give you valuable insight into the provider and its mortgage products. Our Vida Homeloans mortgage reviews are written by genuine customers to help you make an informed decision when choosing your lender.

Find out why borrowers chose Vida Homeloans as their mortgage lender, and how satisfied they’ve been so far. Learn which mortgage they took out, and whether they feel they made the right choice. Read about Vida Homeloans’ customer service team to learn how well it handles customer concerns. Find out if borrowers would recommend the lender and mortgage product to their family and friends. Browse through our Vida Homeloans mortgage reviews to find the ones most helpful to you.

Did Vida Homeloans help you buy your home? Tell us about your experience. If you feel comfortable, share some details about your circumstances - did Vida Homeloans help where other lenders couldn’t? What mortgage do you have? What are the main pros and cons you’ve experienced? How communicative is Vida Homeloans? Would you recommend the lender to your family and friends? Whether good or bad, write an honest Vida Homeloans mortgage review today. Together, we can help people like you make better financial decisions.

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Vida Home Loans Mortgage reviews (29)


The worst company ever I deal in my life. Reviewed on: 9th September 2022
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A. S.

Extortionate - ripoff company

Wow just look at all the negative reviews. Almost 50:50 for good and bad (most likely the 50% good reviews are from relatives and friends of people who work at this rip off company). I had a mortgage deal (sourced by another useless company called KEY MORTGAGE ADVICE in Preston and Southport, whom I also recommend NOT using ) which resulted in £800pcm over 5 years rather than £400pcm and a penalty payment of approx.£8000 if you wished to be released early). At the time, I was in a rush and told that this was the best deal so I reluctantly agreed (although I have an excellent job and excellent credit history). This company are ludicrously expensive and my mortgage advisors since (3 to be exact) were horrified that this was such a poor deal especially as the interest rates were so low at the time. I could have had a capital repayment for cheaper and paid off some of the capital throughout the 5 year period). DO NOT USE this ROGUE company. I hope people read these reviews and have the sense not to use them - they shouldn't be in business. I have used a different name for review purposes. Reviewed on: 4th August 2022
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Uri Holden

unplasant and uneccesary

I have many mortgages spread over many borrowers over many years so it's the voice of experience here. Vida are difficult to deal with and are quick to make uneccesary threats. I suspect a robotic system churns out the onerous posts and it can be unplasant. In my case they did not respond to a mandate they wished to set up which led to the usual boring threats of turning your business into toast. The law is partly to blame giving the power to these incompetant borrowers to use the credit referance agencies as a bludgeoning tool to extract monies rather than look into it first, or more likely chose not to look into it. Be careful with this borrower and allow lots of time. They can be difficult. Reviewed on: 5th February 2022
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Dave Baker

I would not recommend!

I’ve had a terrible experience with Vida- they are incredibly unresponsive, we were told we could request for an exception to getting the valuation report as our property was down valued by 85k! We waited for two weeks after sending in the rationale and our request but heard nothing! Just kept getting told we will get a response soon! Everyone was totally uncooperative and rude and it’s just been a terrible experience, we are still waiting and since we put a deposit of 5k down on the property we need the report to get that money back! I would appreciate it someone could get back to us on this Reviewed on: 31st January 2022
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Vwaro Omene

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