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Looking for 247 Home Rescue home emergency reviews? Read below to see what our community is saying about 247 Home Rescue and see what insight people like you can offer on whether this might be the right product for you! Already used 247 Home Rescue?...


Looking for 247 Home Rescue home emergency reviews? Read below to see what our community is saying about 247 Home Rescue and see what insight people like you can offer on whether this might be the right product for you! Already used 247 Home Rescue? Please share your own review of their services and help others! Please note, this product is a service agreement and not an insurance policy.

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Your Home Emergency Plan Reviews

16 reviews

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Brilliant customer service and always helpful ! Definitely recommend

Reviewed on 12th June 2020
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good reliable

very helpful and friendly staff on the phone they offer good value for money and never had any problems with them

Reviewed on 30th May 2020
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Friendly custom

The service was quite personable.

Reviewed on 28th May 2020
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Reward Chiwuta
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All can buy it the best hope ther not gett lblumtunderb

Reviewed on 11th January 2020
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great cover great customer service

Reviewed on 1st September 2019
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Kimberle Steel
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Holedey im have plis help me anit mone

Reviewed on 2nd February 2019
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I glad ..

I haven't nice experience with this bank online ., Monese.,!

Reviewed on 30th January 2019
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Excellent service , would highly recommend

Reviewed on 13th January 2019
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Martha Llewellyn
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great service from start to finish

Reviewed on 7th September 2018
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c mckean
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Rip off boiler cover policy that they try to charge you extra for

Absolutely ridiculous!... Read more

Absolutely ridiculous!
Had annual boiler service, then they said oh there's a grommet missing on the cable so it's deemed unsafe so they had to cap off the boiler and remove the valve so I can't use it.
Was told that someone will be round to fit a cable grommet and reconnect it the next day, fine.
Then I get a phone call saying for the work to go ahead I need to pay £120!!!! To fit a stupid cable grommet!
I've had this boiler since moving into this house and have had multiple boiler services done over the last 8 years and nobody has raised this issue.
I'm now left with no heating or hot water unless I pay them £120 to reconnect it! Absolutely ridiculous daylight robbery.
If I didn't have service plan with them I would be better off!

To add to this, I have just logged into my account to check my cover... I am on ‘Premium’ cover at £18.70 per month with £0 excess and this is my second year with them. I have never claimed and they were the ones that serviced the boiler last year! It clearly also states that it is a rolling monthly contract so I’m not tied down and can cancel any time so why was I told when I tried to cancel that I’d still need to pay for 12 months!?
I thought the whole idea of getting a boiler cover with unlimited call outs and £0 excess is that there should never be unexpected costs on top of this monthly premium so what exactly is the point of me having this cover!?

Reviewed on 27th July 2018
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Steven Ho
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Brilliant service ..... emaxing helpful

Reviewed on 19th May 2018
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It was a fab experience. The service was amazing and the staff personable.

Reviewed on 11th February 2018
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Jacqui Rankine
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Good company

Great company fab service , always answer the phone and not on the phone on hold and sent engineers quickly.

Reviewed on 6th November 2017
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Susan moffett
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Pretty good

Good customer service and quick response. Could be cheaper

Reviewed on 17th August 2017
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Robert Telford
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So good I loved it, it was the most amazing experience of my little dim witted life.

Reviewed on 13th May 2017
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Craig Lutas
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very good

fab customer service from these guys, would use again for sure

Reviewed on 8th February 2017
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kelly bourton
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