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lengthy wait but otherwise good experience when our dog became ill we didn't hesitate authorising and paying for all the treatment, when it came to making a claim the process was simple enough.... Read more Reviewed on: 17th April 2023
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Delays and so far Non payment of routine claim Not worth getting involved with...I made a relatively small claim back in August as my dog had a kidney infection that required a vet visit, some test... Read more Reviewed on: 30th November 2023
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Craig Brown

About the Pet Insurance

Finding the right insurer in the sea of providers on the market can be daunting. At Smart Money People, we want to make this process simpler for you. We collect ASDA Money pet insurance reviews to give you valuable insight into life as a policyholder.

ASDA Money provides pet insurance for cats and dogs, with specialist policies for kittens and puppies. There’s a multi-pet discount available when insuring two or more pets. Choose your level of cover with a Lifetime policy or a Time Limited policy. ASDA Money policyholders can pay their premium monthly via direct debit without any additional costs.

If ASDA Money sounds like the right insurer for you, find out more by reading the reviews on Smart Money People. Our reviews can tell you what animals customers have insured with ASDA Money and which policy they opted for. Find out how comprehensive the policies are and how satisfied customers are with the customer service they have received. Learn from genuine experiences to understand the provider and its policies better by reading our ASDA Money pet insurance reviews.

Have you had a pet insurance policy with ASDA Money? Write a review on Smart Money People to help other pet owners just like you. Tell us which policy you opted for and whether you felt that your pet is well protected with ASDA Money. Have you had any experience with the customer service team or the claims process? Would you recommend the provider and policy to family and friends? Would you renew your policy? Share your honest experience with others by writing an ASDA Money pet insurance review.

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ASDA Money Pet Insurance reviews (31)

Delays and so far Non payment of routine claim

Not worth getting involved with...I made a relatively small claim back in August as my dog had a kidney infection that required a vet visit, some tests and some medication. I filed all the required documentation and sent it in to ASDA but hear nothing for about 6 weeks...followed up multiple times and got some vague excuses. Today its December and now they are saying that they are asking my vet for more information (no details of what) - if they dont get it they say they will cancel the claim, if they do get it they say it will restart the whole claim process. At this stage, I accept that it's a scam and have not renewed with them for this year and moved to John Lewis instead. They are a joke...avoid. Reviewed on: 30th November 2023
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Craig Brown


And if you can't avoid - please please read every bit of documentation they give you, and everything on their website and links. Absolute charlatans who delay delay delay then don't pay on a technicality. I am a responsible dog owner who wouldn't dream of not having the right cover for my loved one - but with this policy, I may as well have not had any insurance at all. So best advice, if you really really have to use them, please read absolutely everything as they will get out of paying. Reviewed on: 6th November 2023
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Ria White

Do not use!

It took them three weeks to respond to my claim, I received no confirmation email so had to call and check they had received it. When they did reply, they said I hadn’t filled out one of the pages (I had). I replied letting them know that I’d completed it, and have received no response since. That was three weeks ago. Do not bother, what a waste. Reviewed on: 9th October 2023

Worse pet insurance ever

Whatever you do don't take Asda pet insurance out. It is absolutely useless, ridiculous caps on certain surgeries, and customer service from hell .Don't waste your money go with someone else (infact anyone else will be better)'ll thank me believe me Reviewed on: 24th July 2023

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