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Absolutely fantastic! So informative and customer service is exceptional. Reviewed on: 11th February 2023

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Shambles One mistake after another in mortgage application. Has taken months and still not resolved. Nobody at their side least bit helpful. Couldn't care less... Read more Reviewed on: 19th March 2017

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first direct Fixed Rate Mortgage reviews (37)

Absolutely fantastic!

So informative and customer service is exceptional. Reviewed on: 11th February 2023

First class service

I have been a mortgage customer of first direct for the past 8 years. And have moved house and remortgaged a number of times with them. They offer market leading rates backed up by first class customer service. They also allow unlimited overpayments at any time on their fixed rate mortgages without any penalty or caps which is a rarity. They don’t deal with brokers so you can only get access to their deals by dealing with them directly yourself. Reviewed on: 17th January 2023
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Helpful and local bank

I've used First Direct for years. They're always available for any problems or questions and the staff are responsive and knowledgeable. Reviewed on: 11th January 2023
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Great product with low rates

Very flexible - I can make unlimited overpayments which immediately reduces my capital and consequently my interest. Reviewed on: 14th February 2022

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