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Excellent experience very professional, helpful, considerate, understanding and supportive Reviewed on: 30th November 2023

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Disappointed A really poor customer service from start to finish. I had a specialist product and would have cancelled the transaction on numerous occasions had I n... Read more Reviewed on: 20th April 2022

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Finding the right mortgage product can be a daunting process. We want to make this simpler for you. Our Mansfield Building Society mortgage reviews can give you valuable insight into life as a customer.

Mansfield Building Society is an independent mutual, offering a range of mortgage products. Before taking out a mortgage, always be confident with the terms, conditions and interest rates of the product. If you’re unsure, contact the lender or an independent advisor to discuss the options available to you.

Are you considering Mansfield Building Society as your mortgage lender? Learn more about the lender by reading the reviews on Smart Money People. Find out how satisfied borrowers have been with their mortgage products. Learn more about the Society’s level of customer service. Find out the pros and cons of Mansfield Building Society mortgages from the genuine experiences of others.

Have you got a Mansfield Building Society mortgage? Share your experience with others by writing a review. Together, we can help people like you make better financial decisions. Tell us about the application process: did the Society support you throughout it? Have you been satisfied so far with your mortgage product? Does the Society keep you up to date with any important mortgage news or changes? Would you recommend the lender to family and friends? Write a Mansfield Building Society mortgage review today.

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Mansfield Building Society Mortgages reviews (209)

Excellent experience

very professional, helpful, considerate, understanding and supportive Reviewed on: 30th November 2023

Self-Build Mortgage

Organising my mortgage with Mansfield has been simple and efficient. I am self-employed and was looking for a self-build mortgage. The Mansfield underwriting team reviewed all info quickly and in timescales noted. I would recommend Mansfield to others who are either self-employed, or looking for a self-build mortgage, or both. Reviewed on: 29th October 2023

The best customer service and wonderful provider

As a first time buyer, with a shared ownership mortgage, I couldn't recommend Mansfield BS more. Every query has been answered quickly and remortgaging was so easy with them. They are so competent and helpful. If their rates were more competitive I never would have left. Thank you for being a great provider over the last 5 years. Reviewed on: 26th September 2023

Product Transfer

Have been a very happy customer with Mansfield. Staff are friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. My only complaint was having my new mortgage payment come out today but have had no notification of the new amount prior. Given the increase it would have been good to have had a letter or email prior to the payment going to have planned for the big increase. Reviewed on: 26th September 2023
Reply from Mansfield Building Society Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback, we’re sorry that your experience hasn’t met your expectations. Our process is to contact all borrowers prior to any amendments to their monthly repayments whether that be when they reach the end of their current product or following a change to the Society's Standard Variable Rate where any variable rates may be affected. Please contact us on 01623 676349 or email [email protected] and we will be able to look into the circumstances for you. Response date: 28th September 2023
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