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Very affordable insurance with great cover Very fairly priced, with great cover Reviewed on: 22nd July 2019
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Sven Imber

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Zero customer service. Total six hours on hold. Don't answer emails. No way to talk to them Had a claim. We paid out thousands for repairs. Loss adjusters approved all quotes but Homeprotect won't pay out. They said 3-7 days. Now past 30 days... Read more Reviewed on: 16th August 2023
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About the Home Insurance

Finding a new insurance provider can be daunting with so many options on the market. At Smart Money People, we want to make this process as simple as possible for you. We collect Homeprotect home insurance reviews to help you make an informed decision when choosing your new provider.

Homeprotect is underwritten by AXA Insurance to provide a range of home insurance policies. Choose between contents and buildings insurance, or select a combined policy of the two. Homeprotect also offers specialist home insurance for a variety of circumstances. Standard buildings and contents policies come with basic legal expenses and home emergency cover. These are upgradable for more comprehensive protection.

Does Homeprotect sound like the right provider for you? Check out our Homeprotect home insurance reviews to gain valuable insight into the provider and its policies. Find out how satisfied customers are with the customer service they have received. Learn about what you can expect from the claims process, and more.

Have you had a home insurance policy with Homeprotect? Share your honest experience with others on Smart Money People. Tell us what policy you chose and whether you selected any additional extras. Were you satisfied with the cost of your premium for the level of cover you received? Did you secure cover with Homeprotect despite having unique home circumstances? Have you made a claim on your policy, and if so, how well was it handled? Leave a Homeprotect home insurance review today.

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Home Protect Home Insurance reviews (18)

Average insurance but reasonable prices

Although written by Axa with customer service provided by Home Protect this insurance cover is sufficient, but lack lustre. I found customer services, quite frankly difficult to engage, it was difficult to make enquiries and get things done, but it was a good price.. I’m not sure how they would be in the area of making a claim, but I imagine it would be a challenging based on my engagement on simple enquiries. Reviewed on: 23rd August 2023
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Zero customer service. Total six hours on hold. Don't answer emails. No way to talk to them

Had a claim. We paid out thousands for repairs. Loss adjusters approved all quotes but Homeprotect won't pay out. They said 3-7 days. Now past 30 days. Reviewed on: 16th August 2023
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Paid £1300 insurance and not covered

I paid my full annual insurance of £1300 on the 28th June, 2023. When my documents didn't come through a week later I contacted them and they said that they had no record of my payment but that there finance department would be in touch. After a further week there was no correspondence and my home was not insured. I phoned them again. They said I had two option. First to repay the £1300 or secondly they would send an email to finance and hope they picked it up soon. I put a complaint forward which was upheld and the case was closed. They said that they would honour any claim I made but still no documents sent to me. The following day I got an email saying that I wasn't insured because they hadn't had any payment. I'm back on the phone now and they are saying they have received my payment and I will be insured, but they cannot send me my documents for 30 days. I have demanded to speak to a manager. Its not good enough! Reviewed on: 11th July 2023

Appalling Home Emergency Cover

My basement started to flood this morning at 6am. I logged a help request with Home Protect and explained that a blocked external drain had caused heavy rain to run off into my basement. I advised that urgent help was needed because more rain was forecast and the water level would likely rise further and ruin the washing machine, tumble dryer, fridge and solar batteries. It's now 4pm and no one has been to help and the water level is still rising. I have just been advised by Home protect that they can't get anyone to me until tomorrow morning. That will be 27 hours after I first called. I live in London.. How is it possible not to have ANY emergency cover available? Reviewed on: 12th April 2023

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