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Cover laid out easy to read Good cover easily laid out,full cover shown Reviewed on: 11th October 2023
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Alan pocock

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Price hikes for 2024 are exporbitant and unreasonable We had been happy with Saga landlord insurance and had never presented a claim. Price hikes for 2024 were exporbitant and unreasonable, in our opinion... Read more Reviewed on: 26th February 2024
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Ian Horne

About the Home Insurance

Are you looking for a new home insurance policy? Check out the reviews on Smart Money People to gain insight into your potential new provider. Our Saga home insurance reviews are left by genuine existing customers to help you make an informed decision when taking out your policy.

Saga offers a variety of insurance products, with a range of home insurance policies to choose from. You can purchase individual contents and buildings insurance policies, or combine the two. There is also the option for a three year fixed-price policy. Saga offers additional levels of cover designed with those aged over 50 in mind.

Before taking out a new home insurance policy, understand what you require from the cover. Will you combine contents and building insurance, or instead purchase them separately? Decide what’s best for your circumstances, then find a suitable provider that can meet your needs. Check out our Saga home insurance reviews to see how policyholders rate the service they have received.

Have you had a home insurance policy with Saga? Share your honest experience with others on Smart Money People. Why did you choose to insure with Saga, and would you renew your policy? Did you combine your home insurance policies and did you manage to secure a suitable level of cover for your needs? Were you satisfied with the price of your premium? Did you opt for Saga’s over 50s cover, and if so, how have you found it? Did you have to make a claim on your policy, and if so, how was it dealt with? Whether good or bad, write a Saga home insurance review today. Together, we can help people like you make better decisions.

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Saga Home Insurance reviews (2619)

Price hikes for 2024 are exporbitant and unreasonable

We had been happy with Saga landlord insurance and had never presented a claim. Price hikes for 2024 were exporbitant and unreasonable, in our opinion. We have switched to another reliable provider and that is costing 100 pounds less. Reviewed on: 26th February 2024
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Ian Horne

Rip off price hikes for loyal customers!

After being a loyal customer for over a decade with home and car insurance, this year I’m completely disgusted by the way they have hiked up their cost from £140 to £324! When speaking to an agent he said that the underwriters thought that this was due to some risks ie; area, claims. I’ve had no claims and everything is the same as before. They advised me to increase the amount to pay out for any claims from £100 to £700, that’s just nuts! Went online and insurance is coming up at £170 for the exact same policy that I had with Saga. Phoned to cancel and the woman was really snooty and tried to speak down to me. I’ll definitely be changing companies when my car insurance renewal comes up. The wait to speak to someone is shocking too, it said 15 minutes and had to wait for 30 minutes. This company has changed for the worse. Reviewed on: 20th January 2024
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Mandy L

Parents are both in their 80's.

Parents are both in their 80's. They reported Home Emergency Call out regarding a cracked pipe this morning. It is now 16:24 and they still await a call back. Saga said they would call back within 2-hours which they didn't. When my parents rang to chase the call back they were told someone would look into it and TRY to call them back by 16:30. Absolutely unacceptable. Reviewed on: 19th January 2024
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Massive 45% hike in Premiums - what a RIP off

We took out Saga home insurance in 2022. Both my husband and I are between 50 and 60 and work. We live in a nice area of Hertfordshire and have not claimed in 30 years. Our renewal came last year and the premium had gone up 45%. I called to query it, bearing in mind that inflation had got to 15% during 2023 and was told the price reflected the fact were were in a high crime area !! We went else where. We had also put my 93 year old mother-in-law with Saga at the start of 2023 because they looked competitive. And her renewal arrived last week with the premium almost 50% more. She has never claimed. She doesnt go on holidays so the house is never left alone. What a rip-off. We moved her to More Than for half the price and better cover. Reviewed on: 18th January 2024
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Karen E

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