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Professional ethical bank Amazing customer service, the app looks and functions seamlessly as well as all the benefits of knowing I am doing good with my money as they only inv... Read more Reviewed on: 24th August 2023

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Ultimate example of greenwashing A for-profit bank that has abandoned it's core principles and grown well beyond it's ability to sustain caring about, or maintaining basic customer se... Read more Reviewed on: 6th April 2023
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About the Personal Current Account

The Triodos Personal Current Account is a mobile current account with a low monthly fee. As an ethical banking provider, Triodos aims to change the world for the better, financing renewable energy, education, charities and more.

If your values align with Triodos, find out how satisfied customers are with their accounts. Our Triodos Personal Current Account reviews are left by people just like you and provide valuable insight into the provider and product.

As Triodos is a mobile bank, it’s important that its app has all of the features you need. Find out how satisfied account holders are with the mobile banking app and its features. Learn more about the Personal Current Account, including how simple it is to apply for. Find out how long existing customers have had their accounts with Triodos and if they’d recommend the provider to family and friends. All of this and more can be found in our Triodos Personal Current Account reviews.

If you have a Personal Current Account with Triodos, share your experience with our Smart Money People community. Why did you choose Triodos as your banking provider? How long have you had your account? Don’t forget to include details of your experience with the mobile app. What are the main pros and cons of the current account? Would you recommend the product to family and friends? Write an honest Triodos Personal Current Account review today. Together, we can help people like you make better financial decisions.

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Triodos Bank Personal Current Account reviews (4671)

Professional ethical bank

Amazing customer service, the app looks and functions seamlessly as well as all the benefits of knowing I am doing good with my money as they only invest ethically. Reviewed on: 24th August 2023

Excellent values

Triodos are open and clear with all that they do, and I feel that they are the best ethical bank. I appreciate their useful and accurate response to any query I may have and know that I am valued as a customer. Reviewed on: 2nd June 2023

A bank that cares

Love that they’re so focussed on doing good with my money. Have switched to using it as my main account. Reviewed on: 31st May 2023
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Positive Banking

Every day I've banked with Triodos I've felt my money is in safe hands. Knowing my money is being used ethically to support projects that enhance the world we live in rather than going into industries that poison the air we breathe, water we drink and food we eat helps. Having friendly customer service, easy to use web services and the app is the icing on the cake for me. Great ethos, great bank. Reviewed on: 12th April 2023
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Lee Watts

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