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Just Awful

My experience with Virgin Money has been nothing but extremely... Read more

My experience with Virgin Money has been nothing but extremely bad.
I have a Virgin Atlantic Credit Card which had a reasonable amount of money refunded to it from various companies.
I tried many many times to contact Virgin Money in order to have MY money refunded to my bank account, but each time I tried to contact them I was fobbed off in fact the last time I telephoned them a lady answered the phone a gave me a number of reasons why she COULD NOT speak to me, after I complained (wasting more time ) she agreed to speak to me....she then told me I failed the security questions....I asked to speak to someone else and was told I had to telephone back.. I was furious that I had to hang up and telephone Virgin AGAIN only to get the same lady.....who then transfered me to someone else AMAZING.
I will cancel my Virgin Credit card and I would urge anyone who is thinking about a Virgin Credit Card is to go somewhere else or you could regret it.
I only took out a Virgin Credit Card to collect Virgin Atlantic points who are also awful ( cancelled flights with no refund for 4 months when British Airways refunded in 7 days ) I have since taken out a BA credit card which is much much better.

Reviewed on 23rd November 2020
Barry's avatar

Easy balance transfer

Easy to set up and transfer my balance from another card. Then paid off with no interest over the next 10 months. All hassle free

Reviewed on 12th July 2020
Kevin Hartley's avatar
Kevin Hartley


Really straight forward to use, simple app, great service.

Reviewed on 26th June 2020
Caroline Smith's avatar
Caroline Smith


Great communication, excellent offers and really easy to use mobile app

Reviewed on 1st June 2020
Heather's avatar

Great offers, hassle free

Virgin Money are easy to deal with and give great 0% offers to existing cardholders, unlike other providers

Reviewed on 18th May 2020
HannahP's avatar

Solid credit card

Responses to queries are quick and useful

Reviewed on 1st May 2020
NeolaB's avatar

super service

Really good services. Highly recommended.

Reviewed on 28th April 2020
sandra's avatar

Good for Long term 0% interest and easy to use app

I have had a good experience with virgin money with a long term 0% interest card. Easy to use app also!

Reviewed on 27th April 2020
Stuart 's avatar

Best ever

Online is very easy to navigate. Messages are replied to very quickly even at weekends.

Reviewed on 17th February 2020
Joan Highley's avatar
Joan Highley

Great experience.

Great value. I don't need to pay overseas transaction charges like with other cards.

Reviewed on 17th February 2020
david dangfa's avatar
david dangfa

Great card and great rates

I have had 2 Virgin credit cards over the last few years. Always great rates and easy to use the online banking.

Reviewed on 16th February 2020
Spoons18's avatar

Best card company to date

Easy to apple, easy to use, excellent customer assistance and generally exceptional to deal with.

Reviewed on 15th February 2020
Willie Goldie's avatar
Willie Goldie

No good at resolving unauthorized debits - too slow

I had two unauthorized debits and reported them. Now another one! They have not yet done the chargeback for the first two.

Reviewed on 15th February 2020's avatar

efficiency is paramount

I have used Virgin Money credit cards and other money products and I am very pleased with the quality of their service.

Reviewed on 14th February 2020
jose rodrigues's avatar
jose rodrigues

No hassle service

I receive lots of nuisance advertising emails from other providers of financial services but have never received similar from Virgin Money. However, I also feel that there is a friendly person to speak to if I need.

Reviewed on 14th February 2020
C. Smith's avatar
C. Smith

Mr Morris

It has now been a week and my wife and I still cannot log into virgin money despite putting in our ID,s which we have had for quite some years we have made phone calls and virgin still cannot resolve thier issues!!!!!!!

Reviewed on 12th February 2020
Mr Morris's avatar
Mr Morris

easy payment plan, and always there to help.

This is the second time I have used Virgin and I am very pleased with them for all there support. Thankyou Virgin

Reviewed on 12th February 2020
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Linda Burton

Credit card review

I do not normally do this sort of thing. But I have had a virgin credit card for many years it’s the only one I use. I’ve had a few experiences where I have needed to speak to them and I can honestly say they are the most helpful team I have exp... Read more

I do not normally do this sort of thing. But I have had a virgin credit card for many years it’s the only one I use. I’ve had a few experiences where I have needed to speak to them and I can honestly say they are the most helpful team I have experienced when dealing with banks etc. They are always polite and professional and I would never use another credit card company.

Reviewed on 12th February 2020
Mrs Christine Munro 's avatar
Mrs Christine Munro


Excellent Credit Card, with outstanding customer care

Reviewed on 12th February 2020
donaldgorman's avatar


I have various credit cards, but none of them compare to the customer service and promotional rates offered by Virgin Money.

Reviewed on 11th February 2020
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