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Based on 79 reviews, last reviewed 15th Mar 2023
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Easy to set up I didn’t need to claim on the policy but I found the set up easy to understand and the policy was priced competitively. Reviewed on: 16th August 2022
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Jordan g

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Absolutely Diabolical !!!! Thank God it only cost me just short of £50 to find about this set of scamming B******S !! The lady on the phone was really lovely when I tried to get... Read more Reviewed on: 15th March 2023

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Virgin Money Travel Insurance reviews (79)

Absolutely Diabolical !!!!

Thank God it only cost me just short of £50 to find about this set of scamming B******S !! The lady on the phone was really lovely when I tried to get a refund. (Ann in Southend). Her manager however !!!. I only wish I had read these reviews before I spent my money. Already 4 of my friends who are seeking travel insurance for their holidays have said they will not be buying from Virgin. The shift manager who was working today, (Wednesday 15th March , early afternoon), is responsible for costing the Virgin Share holders money !!!!. Silly boy !!. It will continue to cost you until I get satisfaction. It would have been so simple to appease me. I am on a crusade. !! Reviewed on: 15th March 2023


The advantage is that you have the confidence to travel because you have travel insurance but it is with Virgin so it is more or less worthless Reviewed on: 22nd December 2022
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Trevor Lock

Horrible customer service

This is the nasty bank that is trying to be as rude as possible Reviewed on: 19th November 2022
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Absolutely shocking service.

Had to make two claims 6 weeks ago and still nothing back. No responses, claim portal does not work, way over on the promised claim response periods and zero communications from a complaint I made regarding the service despite the automated response giving a timescales for a response. Don’t waste your money using Virgin Travel Insurance. Nothing but wasted time, incredibly poor service and zero communication. Still waiting despite having to email my claim because their claim portal doesn’t work, them knowing about it and STILL not bothering to fix it!! Reviewed on: 13th September 2022
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Ward Family

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