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Great company Excellent value insurance, would definitely recommend Reviewed on: 29th September 2022
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A joke My car is in for fixing covered by them, they choose a garage and promise me a courtesy car, few days before the fix, i find the garage don’t provide ... Read more Reviewed on: 20th March 2023

About the Car Insurance

Here at Smart Money People, we collect 1st Central car insurance reviews from genuine customers, to help you make an informed decision about your next provider. 1st Central was founded in 2008 and has been growing fast ever since. Specialising in car insurance, the brand offers a variety of products with different levels of cover, including a telematics policy for newer drivers. When choosing a new policy, take the time to ensure it is suitably robust and meets all of your needs. Do you want breakdown cover included in the policy? Do you need legal cover? What about cover for any medical expenses that may occur after an accident? Working out your priorities before searching for a policy can make the selection process much easier. Check out our 1st Central car insurance reviews to find out what others think. Have you had a car insurance policy with 1st Central? Whether good or bad, share your experience with the Smart Money People community to help us increase trust and transparency in financial services. Were you satisfied with the price of the premium? Did you have any interactions with the customer service team? Leave a 1st Central car insurance review today to help other drivers just like you.

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1st Central Car Insurance reviews (568)

A joke

My car is in for fixing covered by them, they choose a garage and promise me a courtesy car, few days before the fix, i find the garage don’t provide courtesy cars and the insurance relies on the garage to sort it. Why in gods name would an insurer rely on the GARAGE to provide courtesy cars and then outright REFUSE to provide one themselves? An absolute joke Reviewed on: 20th March 2023

Scammers! Avoid them!!!

“I started my policy with 1st Insurance in 2022. Unfortunately my car was stolen that year and I had to make a claim. On the following year my premium was excessive, which it was understanding after a claim. When I tried to get few NEW quotes prior to deciding to take the one. It cost me £132 a month, because I did not have other opinions I paid for it. I asked 1st Central insurance if I could pay a higher deposit so the instalments were cheaper but they refused. Nevertheless, I decided to pay 4 months payments in advance this for January, February, March and April 2023. And it was just over £700 to pay for the rest of year 2023. However, few days later I had a text message on my phone from 1ST CENTRAL saying they added additional charged to my policy. Now I have over £1000 to pay, almost DOUBLE of the initial price. I called them and explained that for two weeks I had about 4-8 quotes from them. I had to tick boxes on the go compare website. Because of a mistake of not ticking a box, a error they charged me DOUBLE as if it was a fraud ( I am a student nurse I don't need to make a fraud). They have all my details, all my details are on their system, none of my details have changed, same name, same phone number, same address and email.. I tried to explain that it was an error, I would not LIE they paid for my previous system Its all on their system. They refused to listen, were very rude condescending and extremelly unhelpful. I had tried many quotes, 7 quotes in a period of 2 weeks. All the quotes were expensive. I went with one although it was expensive I could not find a cheaper quote but all my details still same. First Cental staff said I did not disclosed a claim from 8 months before. I made a claim with 1ST CENTRAL I had no reasons to lie it was an error on the document was filled online they charge me double on my policy so I am paying almost £2000 for my policy. 1st Central Insurance stuff are rude, incompeten, very unprofessional, Not a clear English and poor communication skills. The worse customer service. They will put the phone down on you if you complain, customer service nonexistent! They will hang up on the phone on you. The worse customer services. And no I would not recommend you to any family and friends Reviewed on: 20th March 2023


I wouldn’t even give them 1 star, insurance was quote was quite low so I read the reviews, reading them I realised it was a mistake. I took the policy out on line late at night so tried to cancel online but it wouldn’t let me as it was still pending, I called them at 9am to cancel but have to pay a £50 arrangement fee!?!? It had be 9 hours since I’d taken it out and it was still pending but ive had to pay £50 to cancel!!! Unbelievable!!! … hopefully you read the reviews before purchasing. AVOID!!!! Reviewed on: 20th March 2023

Stressed and extremely Dissappointed!!

Stressed and Dissappointed customer I feel I was treated unfairly, my insurance informed me that someone made an allegations that I was involved in a car accident I know nothing about?? This a word of mouth, can’t produce evidence after almost 5 months of claiming. I feel obligated to prove my innocence so I sent a photograph of my car in every angle to prove there was no damage or never been fixed in any way. I have to resent it after 1 week knowing they did not received it?? Also a letter from my manager to proved I was at work on that day from 07:45- 21:00. Then told me to call back in 3 weeks only to tell me after 3 weeks that the other party did not received it ?? So they need to resend it. My insurance is due for renewal and they said it will increase!! As the case is not close. I feel so dissappointed, as no one can assure me that they will resolve it ASAP as I have all the evidence.. and the other party doesn’t have any evidence nor can’t produced any wvidence until after almost 5 months now. I was also informed that they will call me back, but no one bother to give me update. I got conflicting informations from the staff as well.. Until now I’m waiting from slow action!! Very odd insurance company!!?? Reviewed on: 17th March 2023
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Elvie Ramos

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