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5 reviews

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cheap but great cover

best thing i bought, great peace of mind

Reviewed on 15th April 2019
Sarah Tulley's avatar
Sarah Tulley

dont drive

i dont drivr so cnt say amythkng

Reviewed on 10th September 2017
Stevie Wareham's avatar
Stevie Wareham


Great times, very good service happy with the el cohonas

Reviewed on 26th May 2017
Craig Lutas's avatar
Craig Lutas

Avoid like the plague...because it IS a plague of a company

These people take your money and gamble on you NOT calling them out. If you need them your out of luck unless your willing to pay for a real callout company!

Reviewed on 22nd November 2016
Lazarus Steel's avatar
Lazarus Steel

Beaware from this fraud company

Its a rip off company. They put people in customer service to rip you off. Its cheap at first to get the breakdown from this company. But when you have to use it they will start posting you bills.

Reviewed on 1st September 2016
Ehtesham salahuddin's avatar
Ehtesham salahuddin