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Excellent customer service They are always on top of everything, always pushing for more to be great Reviewed on: 22nd August 2023

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Ban This Company 5 months after the non fault claim, no settlement yet as they lied to me that I choose to not to claim under my comprehensive policy, ( I mean what a ... Read more Reviewed on: 22nd November 2023
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We collect Acorn Insurance car insurance reviews to give you insight into what you can expect as an Acorn policyholder.

Acorn Insurance has been providing specialist insurance since 1982. The company offers a wide range of tailored policies, such as taxis, couriers, black box and imported cars. With a variety of solutions to fit many different needs, find out what real customers think by reading our Acorn car insurance reviews.

Our reviews can help you determine if Acorn’s policies are right for your needs. Do you require specialist insurance? Or perhaps you’re looking for a robust young driver policy? Maybe you’re hoping to add some additional extras to your cover? Whatever your needs, check out the Acorn car insurance reviews on Smart Money People to see how others rate their cover.

Have you had an insurance policy with Acorn? Share your honest experience by leaving an Acorn car insurance review today. Were you satisfied with the cost of your premium for the level of cover that you received? Did you need to make a claim with Acorn, and if so, how well did they handle it? Perhaps you took out a specialist policy - if so, what made you choose Acorn Insurance as your specialist insurance provider? Whether good or bad, share your experience with others. Together, we can help people like you make better decisions.

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Acorn Insurance Car Insurance reviews (56)

Ban This Company

5 months after the non fault claim, no settlement yet as they lied to me that I choose to not to claim under my comprehensive policy, ( I mean what a lie ) what would I do that for. I recorded all the calls so reported this to regulater authorities now. All they are interested are in making money through supplied Hire vehicle, the longer you have it, more money they will make from it on non fault claim. Several calls, emails but always misleading you purposely. ACORN PROPER CON ARTISTS WHICH SHOULD BE INVESTIGATED. I will not take this lightly so rasied the matter with relevant authorities, I am having my legal body involved in the matter now because they should be banned from Scaming people off. Reviewed on: 22nd November 2023
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Dabbang 786


collected car for glass repair after attempted theft - sold it for profit with its entire content, did not communicate that this had happened and pretended car was being repaired. Not settled the claim after 4 months to the incident. should have FCA licence removed and be investigated Reviewed on: 31st October 2023

They never Get back to you and just keep sending and sending emails !!!!!!!!!!!!

Please avoid this insurance company like the plague !! there customer services is dreadful no one returns your calls I have been sitting on the waiting system for 25 mins so far !!! just to speak to someone dreadful services Reviewed on: 30th October 2023
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Avoid at all costs

!!!! I have just found out that this company has been taken to the Supreme Court of appeals before!!!!! !!! They are also now on their 3rd trading name !!!!! Disgusting company to deal with. If I could give you a negative star rating I would. They lie constantly and don’t even bother investigating properly. If you complain they ignore you. They ignore all evidence, if your insurance uses them, change companies because they are awful! They also palm off as much of their work as possible kindertons and other third party companies. They are complaint scammers. They wrote my car off when it didn’t need to be. They then took the courtesy car off me. Several advisers told me it was completely non fault and even told me they’d sent someone to investigate it. Then they changed their mind and told me I was completely at fault and then they hung up on me when I asked to take it further. I’m taking you to court and the financial ombudsman. Reviewed on: 13th September 2023

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