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Very helpful Really professional and very understanding Reviewed on: 2nd June 2023
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Kelly Burke

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Dereliction of consumer duty After transferring savings from my Barclays account to their Rainy Day Saver account, Barclays blocked access to and then closed my account. As we... Read more Reviewed on: 7th April 2023

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Barclays bank account reviews come from people like you! With so many different current accounts now available, you can read these honest Barclays current account reviews to find out what life as a Barclays customer is really like. And remember, if you are a Barclays customer, you can write a short review here to help other potential customers. Smart Money People is the UK's leading financial services review site and dedicated to being an independent and honest source of Barclays bank account reviews. Together, we can make financial services work better for everyone.

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Barclays Bank Account reviews (4699)

Very helpful

Really professional and very understanding Reviewed on: 2nd June 2023
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Kelly Burke

Reliable & Trustworth

I have had a current account with barclays for over ten years now and it has always been a hassle free experience. Any time I have contacted customer service they have been happy to help and solved any issue in good time. Reviewed on: 1st June 2023
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Oscar Smith

Reliable service, no issues

Never had any problems with management of my accounts, using the app, or communicating with customer service representatives. I have confidence in using their services and would be happy to recommend to others. Reviewed on: 1st June 2023
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Great and versatile

Barclays are fantastic for how reliable and easy to use and have loads of different options and the staff are always willing to help. Reviewed on: 31st May 2023

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