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Churchill home insurance reviews can tell you how good this product really is. How quickly did you get the policy documents? How well did Churchill handle your home insurance claim? Our Churchill home insurance reviews can help you to find out this...


Churchill home insurance reviews can tell you how good this product really is. How quickly did you get the policy documents? How well did Churchill handle your home insurance claim? Our Churchill home insurance reviews can help you to find out this and much more. Have you ever had a policy with Churchill? You can tell us about it by writing your own review below.

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DON’T BELIEVE THE H... Read more

No further on with work despite the usual public show of “contact us directly to sort out”. And now to add insult to injury they have auto renewed my parents policy when they were told by them AND me in writing not to!!! At the end of my tether with them and STILL my parents are forced to live in a shell of a kitchen with no flooring!!!!
UPDATE - after 1 week I have still not had even the courtesy of a reply yet alone had any progress on the work. My parents are still living in a shell of a kitchen with no idea if or when the work will be completed.
I would call it shocking customer service however as customer service is non-existent this would be flattering them.

The majority of positive reviews relate to price and/or service when taking out a policy. JUST WAIT AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS IF YOU HAVE TO MAKE A CLAIM!!!
See the message I have had to send to them to try and get my parents claim sorted. PS NOT HAD ANY RESPONSE!

“ Back in July my parents gave permission to Churchills for me to
discuss their ongoing claim with you should this be required. I am
afraid to say that I now need to contact you to ask what is going on?

This claim has been ongoing since June and has been handled
appallingly! They have been left for weeks in a shell of a kitchen
with basic utilities and promises of visits that don't happen.
At the request of my parents I travelled to ####### last weekend to
take a look at the progress as the floor was meant to be screeded on
Friday 18th. This did not happen as when the contractor turned up he
said he couldn't do the work as the flooring contained asbestos. Why
hadn't this been picked up OR communicated by the surveyor??? This was
after my parents, both in their late 70's and my father registered
disabled had moved tables and chairs out of the kitchen area as they
were asked to have the area clear ready to work. It is an absolute

The situation now is they are living in a shell of a kitchen not being
able to cook or clean properly and they have a pile of rubbish
including stacks of old flooring in the garden which the contractors
have failed to take with them.

I could further catalogue the incompetent and disgraceful way this 4
month claim has been mishandled however I will save this for Twitter
and as many review sites I can post this debacle on to save any other
would be customers being put through such a shoddy service.

What I want from you is a full timetable of what is going to happen,
and when IN WRITING and I want it adhered to. This needs to be sorted
now as I feel that the contractors are definitely taking advantage of
my parents easy going nature, one thing I didn't inherit from them.

One final point. I find it ironic that the communication from both
Churchills and the contractors has been woeful yet they are regularly
being contacted to renew their policy. Seems to me that your customer
service is great when taking money, not so good should you have a
claim. I don't want them contacted again asking them to renew!

Please sort this mess out!”


Reviewed on 1st October 2020
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Excellent cover for the price

Great customer services and great deal on price and cover

Reviewed on 16th September 2020
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Fast and efficient deal with you in friendly manner

Reviewed on 10th August 2020
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Ellen Wilson
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Great value

After using many comparison sites I phoned Churchill. They gave me a much better level of cover at an even lower price than on the comparison site.

Reviewed on 14th July 2020
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Fast action!

Had a leaking water pipe in the garden, Churchill arranged everything, Quick and pain free insurance claim

Reviewed on 13th July 2020
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Quick to help

Had a leaky roof and had an assessor sent out within 48 hours - he was really helpful and sorted out quickly

Reviewed on 22nd June 2020
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Mike Smith
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Quick and simple

Had a burst water pipe in the garden, gave Churchill a call and they arranged everything. All fixed in hours

Reviewed on 23rd November 2019
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Price increase 15% unacceptable.

A price increase of 15% over the previous year with no claims is totally unacceptable. Will be changing supplier next year.

Reviewed on 5th September 2019
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Phil Morris
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Excellent 5* service.

Oh yes, the best . Highly recommended. Easy to get quote and got more cover and service

Reviewed on 5th September 2019
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Good to save money.

I am happy to have changed to Churchill and saved money.I hope it turns out to be as good as they say. I am due to change my car insurance soon. Will certainly be going with Churchill.

Reviewed on 4th September 2019
R. Grewcock 's avatar
R. Grewcock
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Right cover at the right price.

Found the website easy to use and understand.

Reviewed on 4th September 2019
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Angus Darwin
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Great prices and website is clear

Competitive prices and good levels of cover. Highly Recommended to all

Reviewed on 4th September 2019
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James Chan
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Good pricing and cover!!

Fair price compared to other leading insurers.

Reviewed on 4th September 2019
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Sharon Mackenzie
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Home insurance

All good so far, life needs to be simple

Reviewed on 4th September 2019
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John Roper
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Good, speedy, easy

A quick and easy way to buy a good insurance package.

Reviewed on 4th September 2019
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Easy to contact and very helpful operator to renew our policy

Reviewed on 3rd September 2019
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Lesley batting
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Everything you require!

Great service and prices. Very good customer service. Plus I wasn’t left on hold for 15 minutes waiting for a human voice to speak to me!

Reviewed on 30th August 2019
John Whiteman 's avatar
John Whiteman
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Great service, easy to use website

Obtained a quote easily online with little fuss. When I did have to phone the call centre I received an explanation to my query straight away. Price was the best I found.

Reviewed on 29th August 2019
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Kitty S
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home insurance

its easy straight forward and the price was right to

Reviewed on 29th August 2019
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Deniece Edden
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Quick, easy suitable for all my needs

Website easy also virtual assistance if you need it.

Reviewed on 29th August 2019
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Susan Ann Fitzsimons
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