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No discrimination The Co-op pet insurance plan is great in that I have 24 hour access to a vet online something that is very reassuring as no vet near me does out of ho... Read more Reviewed on: 11th March 2023
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DO NOT USE! I moved my pet insurance over to co-op pet insurance from animal friends insurance, simply because of the renewal hikes. I got a better price with co-... Read more Reviewed on: 3rd November 2023
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About the Pet Insurance

Reading customer reviews is the best way to gain genuine insight into a financial product. And when it comes to protecting your pet, you want the best policy around. We collect Co-op pet insurance reviews to help you make an informed decision when choosing your next provider.

Co-op offers pet insurance for cats and dogs with no maximum age limit. Choose between a Lifetime or Time limited policy, with each having a choice of flexible levels of cover. All policies have a discount available for Co-op members.

If Co-op sounds like the right provider for you and your pet, find out more by reading out reviews. Learn what animals policyholders have insured with Co-op and which policy they chose. Find out about the customer service and claims process. Discover how satisfied customers have been with their policies. Read all of this and more in our Co-op pet insurance reviews.

Have you had a pet insurance policy with Co-op? Share your experience with our Smart Money People community to help others like you make better financial decisions. Tell us whether you’ve insured a cat or a dog and which policy you chose. Don’t forget to tell us what level of cover you took out as well. Are you a Co-op member, and if so, were you satisfied with your savings? Have you had to make a claim on your policy, and if so, how well was it dealt with? Would you renew your policy and recommend the provider to family and friends? Leave an honest Co-op pet insurance review today.

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Co-op Insurance Pet Insurance reviews (18)


I moved my pet insurance over to co-op pet insurance from animal friends insurance, simply because of the renewal hikes. I got a better price with co-op. I've put in a claim for over 1k vet fees, my dog has developed elbow displasia. I put in a claim on 8 Sept, Its 3 November now, they say they deal with it in 4 weeks, an email to ask whats going on, as with all us mere mortals vets fees go on cards, cards have monthly fees which the insurance company wont pay for, they say they are more busy than usual so wait times are a bit longer, which means bigger cost to myself in monthly bank fees. I now wish I'd paid the extra on the animal friends, at least I know they pay out in a timely fashion. This co-op lot, I have no idea if they'll even pay out, AVOID. Reviewed on: 3rd November 2023
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Poor Service and Hidden Limits

Hidden in the policy wording is a £100 limit for out of hours emergency vets. Very difficult to find and not in the section it should be. Made a claim for £354 and got £129 back. What good is a £100 limit on emergency appointments. Doesn’t scratch the surface. Took 12 weeks for claim to get just looked at. Didn’t even send the policy wording you’re expected to be able to find it on their portal when you login. Will never use coop again. Use Tesco instead. Claims dealt with within two weeks and always received full amount minus excess. No inner limits hidden in wording as far as I have experienced. Reviewed on: 2nd November 2023
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Used to be so good!

I’ve been with Coop Pet Insurance for years and have been very happy with them, that is until they palmed my policy off to ‘The Insurance Company’. I used to get claims paid quickly, usually within a 2 to 4 week timescale and annual increases were reasonable even with ongoing complaints. Not now! My last claim took around 5 months and so many phone calls that I lost count! I have just had my renewal through and my Policy has gone up by 60%!, That’s totally unreasonable but because it’s a lifetime policy and my dog has minor ongoing complaints I’m stuck with these muppets. Not happy at all, I would never have chosen to go with Insurance Factory and feel really let down by the Coop. I do not recommend anyone to use Coop Insurance now and will actively discourage it! Reviewed on: 2nd October 2023
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Ali O'Brien

Waste of time

As a new customer I have been completely unable to view my documents as it tells me that someone else has already logged in! Phoned and was told it would be dealt with. It wasn’t. Emailed to say I wanted to cancel as I couldn’t access docs. I was ignored. Have emailed again, but am not hopeful. Worst customer service ever! Haven’t even had the courtesy of an explanation. Reviewed on: 11th September 2023
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Pat Egan

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