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Good value and helpful staff Just renewed, price only went up £10 on last year and very competitive. Customer service very helpful when needed. Reviewed on: 26th August 2023
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Michael Brady

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Just rang co-op car insurance to inform them that I... Just rang co-op car insurance to inform them that I now have points on my licence for speeding. Was appalled that I was immediately charged £25 admini... Read more Reviewed on: 21st February 2024
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About the Car Insurance

Are you looking for a new car insurance provider? Here at Smart Money People, we collect Co-op car insurance reviews from genuine customers to give you insight into life as a Co-op policyholder. Make an informed decision about your next provider by checking out our reviews.

Co-op offers a variety of insurance policies, providing cover for home, life, business and, of course, motor. Find policies for cars, vans, electric vehicles and young drivers, with exclusive discounts for Co-op members. Co-op’s comprehensive level of cover boasts some additional features provided as standard: see how well Co-op customers rate their insurance policies by reading the Co-op car insurance reviews on Smart Money People.

Perhaps you value precaution with your car insurance policy, looking for breakdown cover and round-the-clock accident recovery? Or maybe you travel overseas with your vehicle and need your policy to extend to other countries across Europe? Co-op car insurance can offer these extras, but how well do its customers rate the policies? Check out our reviews today.

Have you had a Co-op car insurance policy? Whether good or bad, share your experience with others on Smart Money People so we can help people like you make better decisions. Did you use your Co-op membership to obtain a discount on the policy, and if so, was it a notable saving? Did you have to make a claim or have any other experience with the customer service team? Leave a Co-op car insurance review today.

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Co-op Insurance Car Insurance reviews (72)

Just rang co-op car insurance to inform them that I...

Just rang co-op car insurance to inform them that I now have points on my licence for speeding. Was appalled that I was immediately charged £25 administrative fees. Is this common practice or have I been scammed. I’ll be going elsewhere for my insurance next time. Reviewed on: 21st February 2024
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Breakdown Policy Issue

Bought a car breakdown policy in January but when my vehicle broke down on 11th December and I rang to arrange recovery, no one could find my policy on the system. Spent 4 hours being transferred to various departments and being cut off by customer services teams who either didn't understand the issue or just sounded completely fed up when I spoke to them. Transferred to several departments and given numerous phone numbers to try to verify my policy. Eventually tried the sales team who advised the problem was because they hadn't recorded my home post code on the policy. Won't be renewing my policy again, absolutely dreadful customer service and all caused by an issue with Coop not setting my account details up correctly. Luckily I was parked in a safe place or could have been much worse. At 5.45pm was told that recovery truck would be with me about 9.46pm. Was rang by Coop / AXA Assist to say we could have a taxi home and the car would be collected later and to leave the car key with the pub staff. Taxi arrived quickly and got us home about 9pm. Recovery company rang at 12.05am to say they had only just arrived with the car and could only bring the car back as the pub had closed so couldn't get the car key! Car arrived back home at 2am, 11 hours after I first tried to contact someone to get the car recovered. Reported missing car key to Coop/ AXA Assist at 11.30am on 12th December and almost 24 hours later and 8 phone calls, I'm still waiting for customer services to contact me to get my car key back! Reviewed on: 13th December 2023
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Sara Reddish

Scam company

Demanding pay for autorenewal despite texts and emails to cancel. App cancellation does not work due to popups. Scam company. Avoid Reviewed on: 3rd November 2023
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Paul Harris

You cannot cancel your auto renewal

Last year my car insurance was very reasonable, i am always very cautious of auto renewal so immediately i phoned stating i would like this removed. 1 year later and an email stating it had been renewed (over twice what i actually paid) i phoned Coop on the day of the start of the new policy stating i would not be accepting this to which i was asked who i was now insured with and they actually had the nerve to say i would have to give them my new policy number or i would be subject to an administration fee of £60. People it is no longer underwritten by Coop banking - you were warned Rip off Britain Reviewed on: 5th September 2023
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pete church

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