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Tesco Bank: Pet Insurance reviews

Based on 91 reviews, last reviewed 10th May 2024
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PET INSURERS THAT CARE I’ve used Tesco bank to insure my cat since I’ve had him but had never made a claim. He became poorly & I made several trips to the vet. He had a smal... Read more Reviewed on: 21st October 2023
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Pay out Swindlers! All the 1 star reviews are absolutely spot on! This company will dig and dig to find absolutely anything to reject your claim and keep your premiums. ... Read more Reviewed on: 10th May 2024
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About the Pet Insurance

When choosing the right insurance policy, navigating the sea of providers on the market can be a challenging task. At Smart Money People, we want to simplify this process for you. We gather Tesco Bank pet insurance reviews, to provide you with valuable insights into the provider.

Tesco Bank is underwritten by Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Ltd to provide pet insurance for cats and dogs. There are four cover levels to choose from: Accident & injury, Standard, Extra and Premier. Tesco Bank also offers discounts on insurance policies for Clubcard members.

If you're considering Tesco Bank as your next pet insurance provider, explore the reviews available on Smart Money People. Discover what level of cover policyholders chose and whether they were satisfied with their choice. Learn about the provider’s customer service and claims process through the firsthand experiences shared in our Tesco Bank pet insurance reviews.

Have you ever held a pet insurance policy with Tesco Bank? Share your honest experiences with our Smart Money People community. Why did you choose Tesco Bank, and has the provider met your expectations? Has the policy suitably covered all of your pet's needs? Share any interactions you've had with the customer service team or claims process. Would you consider renewing your policy? Whether good or bad, write a Tesco Bank pet insurance review today.

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Tesco Bank Pet Insurance reviews (91)

Pay out Swindlers!

All the 1 star reviews are absolutely spot on! This company will dig and dig to find absolutely anything to reject your claim and keep your premiums. Whether your vet and all evidence proves the contrary. You pay them only to be made out to be a liar when you want to claim. Will be taking them to ombudsman. Despicable service. Reviewed on: 10th May 2024
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Had a renewal of over £10 more a month went on compa...

Had a renewal of over £10 more a month went on comparison sites found cheaper than I pay now with them. They wouldn’t match then tried scare tactics stating my pet wouldn’t be insured for 14 days when she’s covered with them until the 28th. Terrible service Reviewed on: 15th February 2024
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Frankie D

Very disappointed and no empathy

Took our 15 year old yorkie (bob) to vets as he was urinating more,loosing weight and dry skin he had bloods taken, indicating little change in his liver so the vet wanted to scan him incase there was any hidden abnormalities. Bottom line is tesco will not cover him for treatment due to seizers that has had 3 times last year they said it was PRE existing illness connects to the liver. Trying to fight it but they have no empathy Reviewed on: 31st January 2024
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Kat B

I lost my dog at nearly 7 year old they asked for m...

I lost my dog at nearly 7 year old they asked for more information from my vet which they were supplied with, they still refused to pay out, the dog was insured with Tesco since he was 3 months old, I have been asked for a bank statement from 7 years ago to prove how much I paid,also I have been told while on the phone they can’t hear me and put phone down,I have been past from pillar to post people who where handling the case had been taken ill , I have been given so many excuses it’s untrue, also RSA insurance who work with Tesco are just as bad,they are a disgrace to pet owners and should not be trading, I will be taking this further, Please do not insure your animal with tesco you will regret it trust me I did, they are fine at taking your money,paying you is a different story Reviewed on: 4th January 2024
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