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LV - Liverpool Victoria: Car Insurance reviews

Based on 276 reviews, last reviewed 8th Apr 2024
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Competitive. Competitive price, good cover, efficient service. Reviewed on: 10th October 2023
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Terry Bobbett

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I WOULD GIVE LIVERPOOL VICTORIA NO STARS IF I COULD I feel this is an awful company. I had a non fault accident back on the 9th November 2023 and 5 months later I still haven’t got my car back. My car w... Read more Reviewed on: 8th April 2024
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Julia R

About the Car Insurance

At Smart Money People, we collect LV= car insurance reviews from genuine LV= customers to give you some insight into what you can expect from being an LV= policyholder.

LV= was founded in 1843. Now, over 175 years later, with more than 7,000,000 customers, LV= offers a variety of policies to cover many of life's needs, such as pet, home, travel and of course, car insurance. LV= offer a range of car insurance policies, including cover for cars, vans, learners and electric vehicles.

What do you need from your car insurance cover? Perhaps you’re looking to insure multiple vehicles under a multi car policy, or you may need insurance for an electric vehicle. Check out our LV= car insurance reviews to see how LV= customers rate these policies. Perhaps you require some optional add-ons, like breakdown cover or key cover? Or maybe you’re simply looking for the best-priced premium for the highest level of cover? Whatever your needs, read the reviews on Smart Money People to make an informed decision about your next provider.

Have you had a car insurance policy with LV=? Share your honest experience with other drivers in the Smart Money People community, to help us increase trust and transparency in financial services. Did LV= have a policy that suited all of your needs? How flexible were the policies? Have you had any experience with the customer service team? Did you have to make a claim? Share all of the pros and cons of being an LV= customer by leaving an LV= Liverpool Victoria car insurance review today.

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LV - Liverpool Victoria Car Insurance reviews (276)


I feel this is an awful company. I had a non fault accident back on the 9th November 2023 and 5 months later I still haven’t got my car back. My car was insured through AA who actually wrote the car off but they had to pass it over to LV as the underwriters who decided to repair my car. The communication from LV has been non existent, I have had to constantly chase any information regarding my car. Ive been lied to, ignored and not heard. They have spent over £7,000 on the hire car that I have been driving while my car is being repaired and spent approximately £5,000 so far on the repair of my car. The total cost has exceeded how much my car is worth. I have asked numerous times for my car to be written off but that falls on deaf ears. I've explained that this is having a negative effect on my mental health again they don’t care. I’ve explained that I don’t feel safe about having my car back, again I’m ignored. I’m writing this because I feel this is an awful company and treats their customers appallingly. No wonder the car insurance prices are going up when they waste money on accident claims like mine. Reviewed on: 8th April 2024
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Julia R

MONEY first CUSTOMERS last !

DO NOT BUY from LV ! LV increased our multicar insurance policy by 50% !! After a 25% increase last year !! Loyal customers for many many years! They offered a miniscule reduction and a email to the CEO was a waste of time So we LEFT and now have new car insurance policies with better conditions! With LV it is now ….. MONEY first …. CUSTOMERS SECOND ! Reviewed on: 7th April 2024
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Save money and look elsewhere.

Massive increase on my renewal despite a clean history. Not helpful when explaining why. I saved nearly £200 by looking elsewhere which took several hours but worth every penny. No respect for loyalty works both ways. Reviewed on: 11th March 2024
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Mr L Smith

Price doubled for loyal customer

Ive been a loyal customer of LV for over ten years, this year my multi car policy doubled in price, when i phoned them they would not negotiate and the price was fixed, went to other providers well known and got it for less than half price, saved 500 moving to another company, if one can do it at a cheaper price why cant LV , shame as i have been happy with them for many years but now on to better deals. Nathan Chadwick Reviewed on: 10th November 2023
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Nathan Andy

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