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MORE THAN: Pet Insurance reviews

Based on 110 reviews, last reviewed 23rd May 2024
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Pricey but they paid back when needed My experience was relatively good. The vet bill was exhorbitant, but the insurance paid back about a month after. They also have a phone line to which... Read more Reviewed on: 18th September 2023
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Steer clear of these rip off merchants My dog went in for an operation we were quoted £1100 for the operation to remove the lump and have the lump tested for cancer, we paid the 20% excess ... Read more Reviewed on: 23rd May 2024
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Paul W

About the Pet Insurance

Before taking out a new pet insurance policy, check customer reviews to gain valuable insight into the provider. We’ve got plenty of genuine MORE THAN pet insurance reviews, from pet owners just like you, to help you understand what life as a MORE THAN customer is really like.

MORE THAN offers insurance policies for both cats and dogs, with a multi-pet discount available. Choose your level of cover, with Accident only, Basic, Classic or Premier levels of cover. All policies can benefit from a 24/7 vet helpline.

MORE THAN is one of the most popular providers on the market, with a policy sold every two minutes. But with four different levels of cover, specialist insurance for different animals, as well as options like multi-pet insurance to consider, it can be helpful to take other people’s experiences into account.

If you’re considering MORE THAN as your new pet insurance provider, find out what genuine policyholders have to say. Discover what animal customers have insured with MORE THAN and which level of cover they chose. Learn about MORE THAN’s customer service and claims process. Find out if customers would renew their policies with the provider. All of this and more can be found in our MORE THAN pet insurance reviews.

Have you had a pet insurance policy with MORE THAN? Leave a review to help other pet owners find the right policy for them and their pets. Tell us which policy you opted for and how satisfied you have been with the level of cover. Did you find that your premium was a reasonable cost for the level of cover you received? Have you used the 24/7 helpline, and was the service useful? Would you recommend the provider to family and friends? Whether good or bad, write a MORE THAN pet insurance review today.

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MORE THAN Pet Insurance reviews (110)

Steer clear of these rip off merchants

My dog went in for an operation we were quoted £1100 for the operation to remove the lump and have the lump tested for cancer, we paid the 20% excess and then more than split this operation into 2 operations so that they could charge us 2 excess payments which came to 500 quid even though he only had one op. I will not renew with them again and If you don’t want to be ripped off I suggest you steer clear of these rip off merchants. Reviewed on: 23rd May 2024
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Paul W


I was with more than pet insurance for 14 years for my cat, and I got another kitten and added her to the policy. I only ever claimed once in 14 years for a kidney scan a few years ago, which was a slight hassle. However, I have to rate this company as low as possible due to the fact they would not cover my kitten for a dental problem as they claim due to the breeders negligence I am not covered. It was not just this, they passed me over to the fraud team in which I was heavily questioned and made out that I put my kitten on the policy to make such a claim! Even though I had already paid for 14 years for my other cat!! I was very disappointed with this outcome and the way they made me feel, as I had been ripped off by a breeder and got accused of fraud for it… disgusting service , would never recommend to anyone , rather, I would warn people not to use this pet insurance as it would appear they will do anything to get out of paying anything! Waste of money, I calculated the amount I spent in 14 years and it more than covered the bill I needed covered for my poor kitten with genetic mutations, so this was disgusting to be accused of fraud! Very disappointing, I wish I could get my money back for all those years I paid 64 per month!! (More than my own life insurance) I see the logic in the name “more than” as you pay more than you ever will get back for your poorly animal! Reviewed on: 7th February 2024
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Karen P

Awful customer service

We bought a pet insurance for a friend who adopted our cat. We asked to post the policy details to the friend who is in her 80s. We chased for weeks and despite confirming the address and name of the policy holder they “refused to post the papers for privacy reasons”. Never dealt with a team with such a lack of understanding what privacy means. We never asked to disclose any personal information and only asked to send some papers to the policy holder whose address and name was on the policy. Only when we made a formal complaint the poorly trained employees finally agreed to post the necessary documents to the policy holder. Reviewed on: 2nd February 2024
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Policy not worth the paper its written on

Have been with More Than pet insurance for 5 years and never had to make a claim. When I enquired about a ctuciate ligament problem I am told we don’t cover that as it counts as pre existing as our dog had surgery 6 years ago on the other leg. Not sure how it is pre existing in a different leg. By the same logic they will probably try to get out of paying anything as it’s the same dog! Would have been better putting the money aside each month into a bank account for when it’s needed Reviewed on: 23rd October 2023
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Justin Carter

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