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5 star service been with them for years Never had to claim before however Our 7 year old cocker spaniel suddenly took unwell around 3 weeks ago diagnosed with disc damage had to have emergen... Read more Reviewed on: 25th October 2022
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SCAM! You pay in good faith for years, time comes for an unexpected operation and they find a way to wriggle out. DO NOT SUBSCRIBE! Reviewed on: 10th February 2023

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We’ve got plenty of genuine MORE THAN pet insurance reviews, from pet owners just like you, to help you understand what life as a MORE THAN customer is really like. MORE THAN is one of the most popular providers on the market, with a policy sold every two minutes. But with four different levels of cover, specialist insurance for different animals, as well as options like multi-pet insurance to consider, it can be helpful to take other people’s experiences into account. Our mission is to use the power of your reviews to help people make more successful choices when it comes to their finances. You can help us by writing your own MORE THAN pet insurance reviews to help other pet owners doing their research. Write about how easy it was to set up a policy, how your claims were handled if you made any, and any support you’ve received from customer services too. Don’t forget to include details on the type of policy and level of cover you took out as well. Smart Money People is the UK’s largest financial services review site. Help us to increase trust and transparency in financial services, by reading or writing a MORE THAN pet insurance review below.

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MORE THAN Pet Insurance reviews (99)


You pay in good faith for years, time comes for an unexpected operation and they find a way to wriggle out. DO NOT SUBSCRIBE! Reviewed on: 10th February 2023

Should be called 'More Trouble' rather than 'More Than'!

I attempted to insure two GSD dogs. I got a quote and tried to pay in a single instalment but the system would not accept my payment, stating that my address that the card is registered to is not the address to where the dogs are going to be living. I rang and explained that I was about to move, hence the differing addresses. The operative would not process my transaction insisting that I did this online. I changed the address where the dogs where going to live to where the card is registered (As I was told to do) but the system still wouldn't work - I tried a further two times online to get the wretched thing to work, so I rang again and by this time in five days the cost of the cover had gone up and the operative I spoke to said there was nothing she could do apart from to log a complaint. Hopeless! Reviewed on: 2nd February 2023

Do not go with them

They refused to cover my pets because I was not able to book an appointment during covid. They have extremely high monthly costs and will find any way to not cover your cost. The customer care over the phone was appalling they laughed when I was explaining my circumstances and could not care for you or the pet. They have no loyalty despite being a customer of 8 years. Please pick a different insurance company. I wish I did better research or even just viewed these reviews. Reviewed on: 21st January 2023

These are the worst

Wouldn't pay even though I've all evidence. If you care about your pet., never use these Reviewed on: 12th January 2023
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