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Good card had no problems Great card had no issue with it customer service 100% Reviewed on: 12th October 2022
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Latest lowest rating: 2

Broken now My account is under review and I have recive my universal credit Christmas is ruined Reviewed on: 25th December 2022

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Pockit Account reviews (534)

Broken now

My account is under review and I have recive my universal credit Christmas is ruined Reviewed on: 25th December 2022


I am a single mum of two children who is desperate to sort her account due the negative affects this is having to mine and my childrens life's then today POCKIT have told me if you send more than one email they class this as SPAM.. Please avoid yourself this Heartache and stress this bank really doesn't care. I have asked my email be changed this was not done, so now they say my reviews are fake. I can see there's endless people having these problems. I have asked my account either be unlocked or closed and funds immediately be transferred to another account. I have also spoken to the financial Ombudsman and also the FCA and provided them with all the evidence to support my complaint. They are extremely keen to hear from people in the same position. I have tried to contact pockit for over two weeks sent approximately 58 ticket requests in excess of 79 chat messages and also in excess of 51 emails. To have no response..... I have explained in detail my situation. They have all the information they requested this has been sent on three separate occasions. They have also authorised my benefits payment. So clearly they are still accepting payments. I have been recommended to continue emailing etc and the two separate investigation departments will honour my complaint Maybe by writing this they might sort this out. I have also been advised to share this to as many platforms as possible in order to make people aware. Reviewed on: 9th December 2022
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Emma Bamber

Shocking Bereavement Team - Poor Customer Service

Trying to complete a bereavement process, every obstacle has been placed in the way, including excuses of fuzzy documents that every other bank seems to be able to read fine, to outright lies of not receiving emails. There is a very good reason they do not have a customer phone number, as they are able to control traffic in by ignoring communications. Reviewed on: 5th December 2022
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MT Harvey

Any good review of this company are definitely lies

Thet steel your money and block all contact with you, they blocked £4000 from me then after around a year they sent that money back to the person that paid it to me ,utter skum..... dont believe any good reviews Reviewed on: 27th October 2022
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Ben Cowley

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