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Customer Service Most of the " NEGITIVE" comments are total RUBBISH. You call and answered quickly " Very polite saff and efficient.Never had any problems. I have a la... Read more Reviewed on: 15th July 2022

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Very bad bank Awful service This bank should not be in business, I took out a loan earlier this year with them, I got a little nervous when starting with them as th... Read more Reviewed on: 12th May 2023

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Shawbrook Bank Loans reviews (677)

Very bad bank

Awful service This bank should not be in business, I took out a loan earlier this year with them, I got a little nervous when starting with them as they requested an account link so they could access my personal bank account, but as it was through a secure service I thought it was ok, I got the loan and all was ok made a few payments then I though I would settle the loan as my savings was looking healthy and I got a better interest rate offer from my personal bank so I though less payments and less debt so I would close the account TROUBLE started. I could not close the account online and had to phone in the call center sounded like a children's play pen so much noise I could hardly hear what the gent was saying, I managed to get the settlement amount and how to make the payment but then I got a barrage of questions. 1) where did you get the money to settle the account 2) can you afford to settle this account 3) what is your salary. Which I was a bit taken back as this is the type of questions you ask when taking a loan but I answered them 1 month later I get a call, first off I needed to answer security questions to find out what the call was about so I first had to confirm that it was Shawbrook bank, after that I got the barrage of questions again keeping in mind that the loan has been settled and the account is closed, I know this as I received 2 letters in the post letting me know this When I asked why they need this now I was told it is because of the FCA, now I have had loans with a few banks over time and I have NEVER BEEN ASKED THIS, the agent mad me feel like I was in an FBI interrogation, he asked me where the source of funds came from so I said it was a loan forgetting that I had originally answered savings to that question then cam the investigation type question "But you originally answered from savings?" I said I took it from savings and some from a loan what does it matter, "it because of money laundering" so I am now the criminal who settled my account with Shawbrook bank Friday morning NOW I AM PISSED this is un fair treatment of a client HOW IS THIS OK, then we all cry when the government what's one bank with crypto so clowns like this can close down!!! Reviewed on: 12th May 2023

I am taking them to court

Disgusting, I owe them 50k, they holding 2M worth of property assets, they won’t let me pay the loan of, nor are they taking me to court for not paying them, they want information again and again, absolutely stupid, I think it looks good to hold so much property on their books, or is it I black, or because I am a male, I don’t know, this is mad, this is the first bank that won’t let pay of the loan, can somebody please help. I am really really struggling, these people are mad, I advise everybody to stay away from this bank. Worst thing is I did not take my loan from them, they bought the loan of my bank, I never wanted to be with them nor did I ever go near their branch’s Reviewed on: 15th April 2023
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My experience with the company is terrible.

It starts at the top… but the lack of values and ethics across the asset management team misleading clients to sale - is just terrible. Before you agree to anything ensure you have read and verified their T&C, especially small print. Their asset management team and Hire purchase terms are two different worlds. Their sales people will try to sale the product, but their promises must be verified against their T&C. My personal view – they are unethically and taking advantage on your financial situation as much as they can, and when in default they will try to squeeze you like a lemon. Reviewed on: 11th January 2023

Poor customer experience

Overall a very negative experience. Was told I was approved for a loan pending income proof (which I provided). Radio silence, I had to call multiply times before told I was refused. Fair enough they can refuse but why say I was approved previously, and have the common decency to let me know. Complained saying the experience was bad, and they said they would respond in 4 weeks. They didn't reply in time frame (shock horror). I emailed to ask what had happened to my complaint and they responded with an answer not related to what I was complaining about. In my opinion go to a more well known professional outfit. I did after Shawbrook and got a bigger loan at much lower rate. avoid these time wasters. Reviewed on: 15th September 2022
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