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Customer Service Most of the " NEGITIVE" comments are total RUBBISH. You call and answered quickly " Very polite saff and efficient.Never had any problems. I have a la... Read more Reviewed on: 15th July 2022

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Bad customer service I requested to settle my loan , was sent a letter indicating the final balance and bank account details for sending transfer to . The money was sent a... Read more Reviewed on: 14th February 2024
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Shawbrook Bank Loans reviews (681)

Bad customer service

I requested to settle my loan , was sent a letter indicating the final balance and bank account details for sending transfer to . The money was sent across yet 6 weeks after sending that money I haven’t had a letter confirming they’ve settled the loan , infact they keep saying that they can’t find the transfer , yet they can see something on the account . You can’t speak to anyone but the Agent , I’ve raised a complaint yet they don’t resolve . They were quick enough to write and tell me that I’d cancelled the direct debit to them. I’ve reported them to my bank who are in the process of tracking the money . I’ve provided proof of the transfer and ID number as requested they even wanted me to provide my bank statement showing that the payment had been made … You can only email one way they don’t respond to your email , This is causing me a lot of stress as it was a lot of money Reviewed on: 14th February 2024
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Paul M

Taking more than 24 hours to transfer money

Many moons ago banks used to take days clearing good funds to be credited to their client's accounts. It seems an age ago. I find in this digital age that it is my money they are using and they get one to two days interest for this dishonesty. As a customer I'd rather they relected a lower interest rate on their deposit account if they want to generate more income. There is no need to have uncertainty as to when you are going to receive good funds. Marcus Goldman Sachs and Santander you get your money in a two hour window. Oxbury bank if I withdraw in the a.m my funds arrive shortly after 15:00 hours. Come on Shawbrook leep into the Twenty first century. It is called customer service! Ron Gilbert Reviewed on: 4th December 2023

What a complete waste of time !

Got accepted for a loan saying it’s successful signed credit agreement, direct debit ect , did a debit card check and an open banking check, was then told to send payslips ! Gets an email back sorry your loan can not be accepted. I would t ever consider this bank again what a poor service and a complete waste of my time !! Reviewed on: 9th November 2023

poor service

on applying for a loan i was told it was successful and just needs to send some documentation through which i did spoke to somebody about it to see if al ways ok and was told yes and guess what i’m still waiting this was on wednesday 14th june 2023 Reviewed on: 16th June 2023

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