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Bank of Scotland Classic Account reviews come from people like you! With so many different current accounts now available, you can read these honest Bank of Scotland Classic Account reviews to find out what life as a Bank of Scotland customer is...


Bank of Scotland Classic Account reviews come from people like you! With so many different current accounts now available, you can read these honest Bank of Scotland Classic Account reviews to find out what life as a Bank of Scotland customer is really like. And remember, if you are a Bank of Scotland customer, you can write a short review here to help other potential customers. Smart Money People is the UK's leading financial services review site and dedicated to being an independent and honest source of Bank of Scotland Classic Account reviews. Together, we can make financial services work better for everyone.

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72 reviews

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Good longstanding Scottish history

Reviewed on 9th August 2021
Elizabeth Murdoch 's avatar
Elizabeth Murdoch

Reliable and improving

The use of face recognition has improved accessibility

Reviewed on 25th June 2021
David Wright's avatar
David Wright

very expensive overdraft

overall good but very expensive fees if you use your overdraft

Reviewed on 10th April 2021
Madeleine's avatar

Superb App

Really simple to use app with so many improvements over the last 18 months - excellent

Reviewed on 23rd March 2021
Robert Cochran's avatar
Robert Cochran

BoS is a first class bank.

Great bank to be with and despite being owned by the Halifax and Lloyds bank it is superior to both. very professional and I would recommend it to all my friends (and I have).

Reviewed on 4th March 2021
Alex's avatar

Poor customer service

Staff numbers continue to be cut with a focus to force customers online to less safer options and no back up support. Often the automated pay in machines fail to operate causing further stress.

Reviewed on 11th July 2020
Paul Maxwell's avatar
Paul Maxwell

Bank of Scotland account

Very convenient and well suited

Reviewed on 27th May 2020
Laura Macpherson's avatar
Laura Macpherson


So I've just came back from working abroad and had dollars paid to me st the end of my... Read more

So I've just came back from working abroad and had dollars paid to me st the end of my contract.
With all the virus stuff and now no work I called bank of scotland and explained my situation and they said yeh you can put them into your account and bring proof where u got them. No problem.
Next day I go to Bank Of Scotland Johnstone and wait in line 2meters apart as suggested by the middle aged blond woman. When it was my turn 15mins later she asked me how can we help you today. I explained I was here to put my dollars straight into my bank. She said I'm sorry we dont do that, I explained I had spoke to someone the day before and she said I'll have to speak to a manager please go back outside and I'll let you know. So I'm now at the front of a cue when she comes back and tells me I'm sorry we're not doing that today it's only essential transactions. I explained this is my money I need to put in the bank as I have a family of 4 she interrupts obrubtly and tells its not essential. The girl behind me says to her what's not essential about needing money in your bank at these trying times. She then yells people are dying because of this virus there's more important things....
Bank Of Scotland have yet again failed there customers HOW DARE THEY TDLL ME ITS NOT ESSENTIAL. THEY TAKE YOUR MONEY AND GIVE YOU IT OUT, WHAT EKSE IS THERE THATS NOT ESSENTIAL. I now have all my wages in dollars and cznt buy anything. Now I'm in a worse place BECAUSE OF BANK OF SCOTLAND. THIS IS JUST THE START OF THIS IM GOING ALL THE WAY. NEVER AGAIN WILL WE USE BANK OF SCOTLAND. I later got an email from them with thd header Bank Of Scotland Here To Help Our Customers Through This Tough Time HaHa Ha Ha
#terriblebank #worsebank

Reviewed on 25th March 2020
Marc Andrew's avatar
Marc Andrew

Great Banking

Great Customer Advice service, phone banking, app banking and internet banking. Highly recommend!

Reviewed on 9th February 2020
Anna 's avatar

Excellent customer service

I often go into the bank once a week to withdraw or deposit money. It is very welcoming and there is always someone on hand to give you advice. The cashiers are great with a wile for every customer!

Reviewed on 7th February 2020
Carrie Docherty's avatar
Carrie Docherty

Never had an issue

Great customer service and never had an issue with them. Great bank overall

Reviewed on 5th February 2020
Jay dixon 's avatar
Jay dixon

Easy to use bank account

Bank Staff are friendly, helpful and not pushy. Bank Account is straightforward, easy to use and trouble free. All payment methods available & also has easy to use safe Internet Banklng.

Reviewed on 19th January 2020
Peter Ogg's avatar
Peter Ogg

No issues

I have been with the Bank of Scotland for many years. I have never had any problems and have always found their customer service to be excellent in branch and over the phone.

Reviewed on 18th January 2020
Kirstenmf's avatar

Best Bank

I have always thought my experience when in branch or calling has been very professional and efficient.

Reviewed on 23rd December 2019
Alyshia MacDonald's avatar
Alyshia MacDonald

Reasonable app, customer service lacking

The app is easy to use though could do with some more functionality. Unfortunately it's very difficult to get through to customer service.

Reviewed on 22nd November 2019
Aidan Clark 's avatar
Aidan Clark

Rubbish interest and overdraft fees

Appalling rates of interest for classic accounts and daily overdraft fees are a total rip-off.

Reviewed on 22nd November 2019
David Paterson's avatar
David Paterson

Excellent Account

After losing my job and being treated appallingly by my previous bank BofS stepped in when i was at my lowest and helped me regain some dignity. The Classic account is excellent and offers everything you would expect and has no fee.

Reviewed on 21st November 2019
Susan Laing's avatar
Susan Laing

OK, I suppose

They used to make a lot of mistakes when it was telephone banking and were never wrong. Since I moved to Internet Banking no mistakes but poor interest.

Reviewed on 21st November 2019
Frank Davidson's avatar
Frank Davidson

Best bank I've been with

Absolutely love BOS there customer service in branch are amazing and there app is great

Reviewed on 12th November 2019
BJFinnie's avatar

Interest on current account

And no monthly fee Friendly and helpful staff

Reviewed on 2nd August 2019
David McNally 's avatar
David McNally