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Based on 231 reviews, last reviewed 11th Apr 2023
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Good for overseas spending Rarely have problems using for overseas transactions, no charges, good exchange rate. Reviewed on: 11th April 2023

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Vulnerability Had a Clarity Card (and other Halifax CCs before) for many years placing vast amounts through it each year. Visited New York to watch US Open in Septe... Read more Reviewed on: 19th March 2023

About the Clarity Credit Card

If you're wondering whether the Halifax Clarity Credit Card is right for you, read our reviews from customers who already have the popular card. Our community reviews can help you to find out about the pros and cons of the Clarity card, which will help you make an informed decision about whether or not you should choose Halifax. Already have the Clarity credit card? Please write your own review and share your experiences with Smart Money People, the UK's leading financial services review site. Together, we can make financial services work better for everyone - but we need your help!

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Halifax Clarity Credit Card reviews (231)

Good for overseas spending

Rarely have problems using for overseas transactions, no charges, good exchange rate. Reviewed on: 11th April 2023

Halifax credit card

I had a problem before with Halifax but they sorted out at the end, would like to improve their score. Thank you Reviewed on: 9th April 2023

credit card

this is the one to use abroad. no charges and best exchange rate Reviewed on: 8th April 2023
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Martin Bush


We always take our clarity Mastercard on Holiday, it is convenient, safe and gives the best exchange rates abroad Reviewed on: 6th April 2023
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Sylvia Gill

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