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Lloyds Bank: Home Insurance reviews

Based on 104 reviews, last reviewed 22nd Jan 2024
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Clear cover Easy to understand cover for your home. Reasonable price. Reviewed on: 14th June 2023
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Absolutely disgusting service. Absolutely disgusting service. I pay £25 a month to have this as one of my Premier account benefits.Registered a claim for a broken boiler on Thursday... Read more Reviewed on: 22nd January 2024
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About the Home Insurance

Finding a robust home insurance policy from a reputable insurer is vital to protect your home. Finding the right insurer for your needs is just as important as the policy itself. We collect Lloyds Bank home insurance reviews to help you make an informed decision when choosing your new provider.

Lloyds Bank offers three levels of cover, Bronze, Silver and Gold, with a variety of optional extras. These can be added to any tier of cover that they are not already included with. Away from home cover and home emergency cover can be added to any tier policy. Lloyds Bank also offers discounts if you purchase your policy online.

Reading genuine customer reviews is the best way to ensure that both the product and provider are suited to your needs. Our Lloyds Bank home insurance reviews can provide you with valuable insight into life as a Lloyds Bank policyholder. Find out how others rate their experience with Lloyds Bank, and if they would recommend the provider to others. Learn more about the levels of cover on offer and if customers were satisfied with their chosen level.

Have you had a home insurance policy with Lloyds Bank? Share your experience with others. How simple was the signup process? Did you purchase online and if so, were you satisfied with the discounted premium cost? What level of cover did you choose, and did you select any additional extras? Would you renew your policy?

Whether good or bad, write a Lloyds Bank home insurance review today. Together, we can help people like you make better decisions.

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Lloyds Bank Home Insurance reviews (104)

Absolutely disgusting service.

Absolutely disgusting service. I pay £25 a month to have this as one of my Premier account benefits.Registered a claim for a broken boiler on Thursday, now Monday and no further contract.I was asked if I was vulnerable when I made the claim and I explained that I have Rheumatoid Arthritis. I have been in agony all weekend with no heating or hot water. Awful customer service. Reviewed on: 22nd January 2024
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Are you a circus performer

If you’re a circus performer you may find them useful but sadly I’m not used to jumping through hoops for something I’ve paid for for over 10 years. no heating and water, engineer came out after 1 day ( remember it’s emergency cover I have) took some pics, sent to his company would then sent it to insurer who then have to get quote, once it been “worked”. ( no idea what that mean) but someone then approved it, but not straight away but ANOTHER 24 hours, then they ask for evidence. By now I’m cold (it’s early January) and I have more water coining from my eyes that my taps. Absolutely shocking on every level from start to…..well cannot say finish as still not finished. Tried to ask plumber that took the pics, I will pay private to get it fixed but then told until insurer agrees, he cannot touch the boiler. Reviewed on: 6th January 2024
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GARY White


Disgusting company! 90% of reviews are ONE STAR which speaks volumes!! We made a formal complaint on Monday 4th December and they were supposed to acknowledge this (according to the ombudsman) within 7 days. No communication from them whatsoever and they continue to try and wriggle out of a genuine escape of water claim, blaming non existent "seals" around a bath! Wish we'd thought to check Trust Pilot before insuring with them. I see through experience how they justify their ONE star, and believe me, if I could have given 0, I would have! Ms Justine Marshall ("seamless service" department - should be “shameless service”) refuses to listen to any evidence we have provided, but instead keeps relying on a video from their trace and access company which doesn't even show the source of water - for all we know they were pouring water from a jug!! We will be pursuing this through the ombudsman / solicitors. LLOYDS BANK INSURANCE ARE A VERY DISHONEST, UNSCRUPULOUS COMPANY. Potential customers, you have been warned!!! Reviewed on: 13th December 2023
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Nikki B

Beware. Bad customer service and horrible company for home insurance

Horrible company to insure your home. I will start looking home insurance else where as soon as 3 months before the finishing of policy. There price are competitive but when it comes to claim they will try everything in this world to decline it. Storm damage my roof and they point blank declined to cover inside or outside. No help what so ever. It was my biggest mistake to insure from them and learnt the hard way. Please be extremely careful to insure from them. Rather go to a reputable company than them. Reviewed on: 14th November 2023

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