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LV - Liverpool Victoria: Home Insurance reviews

Based on 124 reviews, last reviewed 11th Jun 2024
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Renewal No problems at renewal time. Making changes is easy with a phone call to customer service. Reviewed on: 17th September 2023
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J Moore

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Never had a home insurance claim. Never had a home insurance claim. My building and contents insurance doubled on renewal from 300 to over 600! Reviewed on: 11th June 2024
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Abdullah M

About the Home Insurance

Choosing the right insurance provider can be daunting with so many on the market. At Smart Money People, we collect LV= home insurance reviews from existing policyholders to help you make a better financial decision. Find out how customers rate the service they have received from LV=.

LV= offers a variety of insurance policies, with discounts available when you combine its home and motor policies. There are three levels of home insurance to choose from: essentials, home and home plus. LV= home insurance policies come with the benefit of a 24 hour helpline and a 12 month guarantee on repairs.

What do you need from a home insurance policy? Are you searching for a flexible policy, with a range of optional add-ons? Or are you simply looking for the most cost-effective premium? Are you prioritising buildings insurance, or do you only need contents insurance? Perhaps you’re planning to combine both policies? Whatever your needs, read our LV= home insurance reviews to see how genuine customers rate their policies.

Have you had a home insurance policy with LV=? Whether good or bad, give an honest account of your experience. Did you purchase buildings insurance, contents insurance, or both? What level of cover did you choose, and were you satisfied with your policy? Did you have any experience with the customer service team? Would you renew your policy and recommend it to family or friends? Write an honest LV= home insurance review. Together, we can help people like you make better financial decisions.

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LV - Liverpool Victoria Home Insurance reviews (124)

Never had a home insurance claim.

Never had a home insurance claim. My building and contents insurance doubled on renewal from 300 to over 600! Reviewed on: 11th June 2024
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Abdullah M

LV are bottom slicing their customer base

As a customer for 19 years I have migrated my house insurance. Last year they increased the premium by 50%. This year by 110% so adios. They did the same with my car insurance which they have had for 10 years. I had 3 cars insured with them and they will all move as the renewals approach. allianz now own LV and they are racking up the premiums of their loyal customers to see what they can get away with. I have NEVER made a claim for house or car insurance in 19 years Reviewed on: 10th June 2024
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Stephen B


My home insurance renewal was £680 last year, my renewal had just come through at £1,220!!! I have never had a claim. I will never use LV again and will also change my car insurance for another company out of principle. LV obviously don’t want the business. Reviewed on: 20th February 2024
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Andy S

LVdoes not value existing customers

Home insurance quote increased by 33% by LV. LV increased my home building and content quote by 33% despite no claims being made. Online comparison site offered an equivalent quote gir £225 which is ehat LV quoted last year. Clearly LV do not want loyal customers snd offer cheaper deals only to new ones. I won't be using LV in the future. I also will not renew my car insurance with them until they rmvakye existing customers as much as they do new ones Reviewed on: 5th October 2023
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Frank Walters

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