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Sainsburys Bank: Home Insurance reviews

Based on 78 reviews, last reviewed 14th Feb 2024
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Great service Always find Sainsbury's bank very competitive on price and easy to quote and renew Reviewed on: 25th August 2023

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Unacceptable service Very frustrating. We have a flood claim that has been approved and agreed which has been running for 8 months. we received an enquiry reg the age of t... Read more Reviewed on: 14th February 2024
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About the Home Insurance

As a homeowner, your house is likely your most valuable asset, so adequate protection is vital. Whether you require buildings insurance, contents insurance, or a combination of the two, finding the right insurer is important. Check out our Sainsbury’s Bank home insurance reviews to learn more about the provider and its policies.

Sainsbury’s Bank has two levels of home insurance cover: Standard and Home Plus. Both policies can be strengthened with optional extras, including enhanced cover for both buildings and contents. Sainsbury’s Bank also has a smartphone app to manage your policy at any time. The app allows you to make changes to your policy without any admin fees.

The right home insurance policy for you will depend on your requirements. You may be looking for the provider that can offer the most additional extras for the strongest level of protection. Comparably, you may be looking for a basic level of cover for the lowest cost. Whatever your needs, find out if Sainsbury’s Bank is right for you by reading our Sainsbury’s Bank home insurance reviews.

Have you had a home insurance policy with Sainsbury’s Bank? Tell us which level of cover you chose and whether you opted for any additional extras. Did you need to make a claim, and if so, how well was it dealt with? Did you use the smartphone app? Would you recommend your policy to family members or friends?

Whether good or bad, leave a Sainsbury’s Bank home insurance review today. Together, we can help people like you make better decisions.

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Sainsburys Bank Home Insurance reviews (78)

Unacceptable service

Very frustrating. We have a flood claim that has been approved and agreed which has been running for 8 months. we received an enquiry reg the age of the property after agreeing the settlement figure. We now cannot get a response from the loss adjuster and are completely in the dark and have been for 6 weeks.. I tried talking to Sainsburies for some assistance. But as this element of their process is contracted out, they're not interested and wouldn't even register a complaint Reviewed on: 14th February 2024
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Phoned the line for bereavement. - Don’t bother

Phoned the line for bereavement.. needed to change my dads name over to my mothers on a joint bank account. I have power of attorney as my mother is old & deaf. Every company was brilliant except Sainsbury. They do nothing y use the access codes & required a copy of the death certificate & copy of power of attorney & to say their attitude was short was an understatement ( yes Gillian at Glasgow). & person previous. The worse company I have dealt with considering it was a name change of a joint account. Reviewed on: 15th January 2024
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Appalling customer service-do not use them!

I paid monthly for my home insurance & when it was up for renewal I decided to pay it all in one go & did so over the phone, I then cancelled my monthly direct debit with them & went on holiday for 2 weeks. imagine my shock on returning to see 2 letters from them stating that they had cancelled my insurance as I still had 1 months outstanding payment on my DD-so I had been on holiday & my home wasn't even insured! I called them & they were awful, blaming me saying it was my fault etc then they informed me they would return my premium I Had just paid minus £44 for "admin", I kid you not! I argued with them & got nowhere so I sent a letter to their head office plus several emails, nothing, their customer service is absolutely appalling! I dread to think what would have happened had I needed to make a claim with them as they really don't care about their customers, I would never use them again, they are the worse in the business Reviewed on: 13th January 2024
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Helen P

Took yearly and monthly premium

They issued 2 x policies, one monthly and one yearly, when I discovered this I was told it would take 2 x months to get my money back, will not be renewing with them. Reviewed on: 23rd October 2023

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