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Super cheap Fantastically cheap service, great customer service and an effortless switch. Often offer £100 vouchers when changing tarrifs with them too. Reviewed on: 21st July 2019
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Liz Wilde

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Way too expensive I am disgusted at Sainsburys Insurance. With 10 years no claims they think increasing our home insurance by over 50% acceptable - absolutely disgustin... Read more Reviewed on: 18th May 2023
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About the Home Insurance

Sainsburys Bank home insurance reviews can tell you how good this product really is. How quickly did you get the policy documents? How well did Sainsburys Bank handle your home insurance claim? Our Sainsburys Bank home insurance reviews can help you to find out this and much more. Have you ever had a policy with Sainsburys Bank? You can tell us about it by writing your own review below.

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Sainsburys Bank Home Insurance reviews (62)

Way too expensive

I am disgusted at Sainsburys Insurance. With 10 years no claims they think increasing our home insurance by over 50% acceptable - absolutely disgusting! Needless to say shopped around and got it £82 cheaper and top cash back of £37. Lost a customer and we won’t be back Reviewed on: 18th May 2023
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Freak show

So I purchased home insurance off these people. 4 days after the start date I tried to login to have a look at the policy etc. I couldn't login as it was sending a code to a different phone which I had mistakenly entered. I called them for advice and after a very long conversation was told I would have to wait 24 hours and re register. I was then told as I'm making changes and didn't do it online in my portal, I would be charged £15. I couldn't login so had to call. With the numpty on the the phone and this rule in mind, I cancelled the service I couldn't risk having these charges incase I had to call again. They have now write to my saying I agreed to pay £20 to cancel the contract. Who do they think they are? Flabbergasted to say the least and I raised an issue on resolver to them, they have ignored that as well. Don't use these block heads it's not a service it's a money making scam!!! Reviewed on: 17th April 2023

Absolutely Terrible Insurance Product. Avoid, avoid, avoid!!!

I have Sainsbury's Home Insurance and Sainsbury's Home Emergency cover. I contacted Sainsbury's on the 5th of April 2023 as the hot water to my property had cut out around 12 hours ago. Sainsbury's did send someone out to fix the issue the next day (6th of April). However, the person that came out said that he was unable to fix it as a part needed to be ordered. He also said that a plumber would be needed. To date, I have not heard back from Sainsbury's on what the next steps will be for resolution. I have been without hot water now for 7 days and not heard a peep from Sainsbury's. I have been calling to get some sort of update but have not heard anything back- I just get passed around different departments after spending hours on hold. Very disappointed and needless to say, will not be getting Sainsbury's insurance or emergency cover again. Reviewed on: 11th April 2023
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Anyanwu O O

Emergency cover anything but.

I utilised my emergency cover in an attempt to solve my issue with hot water. An electrican came round and suggested alternate solutions through a plumber. Since then haven’t heard a peep from them. Been left without hot water for days now. Absolutely terrible service. Wouldn’t recommend to my worst enemy. Reviewed on: 11th April 2023

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