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A Friendly Helpful and Professional Insurance Company I had a claim for a car accident. Their response was swift, polite, and professional. The whole matter was sorted within 7 days, and I received a very... Read more Reviewed on: 24th August 2023

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Very very dodgy car insurance. Avoid if necessary This Privilege insurance company is very unprofessional. Someone hit my car and Privilege tried to make money out of me instead of protecting me. They... Read more Reviewed on: 20th November 2023
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About the Car Insurance

At Smart Money People, we collect Privilege car insurance reviews to give you some insight into what you can expect as a Privilege policyholder.

Privilege has been providing insurance since 1994, with policies available for both car and home. With personal accident cover and up to 90 days foreign driving included in the standard comprehensive policy and a ‘Comprehensive Plus’ policy available for a higher level of cover, Privilege offers car insurance policies to suit most. Find out how Privilege customers rate their policies by checking out our reviews.

Perhaps you’re most interested in some additional extras on your policy, preferring a higher level of reassurance from a car insurance policy? Or you may simply be searching for the cheapest deal on the market. Whatever your needs, you want the confidence of being insured with a reputable provider that has a good customer service track record. Read our Privilege car insurance reviews to learn more about this provider.

Have you had a car insurance policy with Privilege? Share your honest experience with our Smart Money People community so we can help people like you make better decisions. Was the sign-up process simple, or did it take longer than anticipated? Was the price of your premium suitable for the level of cover you received? Why did you choose to be insured with Privilege, and would you renew your policy or recommend it to friends and family? Write a Privilege car insurance review today.

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Privilege Car Insurance reviews (78)

Very very dodgy car insurance. Avoid if necessary

This Privilege insurance company is very unprofessional. Someone hit my car and Privilege tried to make money out of me instead of protecting me. They start making up stories like I owe them money. After confronting them they changed statements and eventually I ended the claim. After that they went to the third part involved and tried to get money of him as well. I was disgusted by their behaviour. They just a waste of time. Avoid if you can please before its too late. Reviewed on: 20th November 2023
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Fraud company

Privilege insurance accepts your fault and makes you liable without asking and informing you and pay out thousands pounds to other party If you choose privilege then you are messing yourself Reviewed on: 10th October 2023
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poor older customer

very poor service i am 83 years old have been with privilege car insurancefor afew yearsthis year they increased my insurance from £691-36 to £1106-17 an increase of £414-81i have had no claims di 5000 miles a year with over50 years experience go thep would not put the price down when i talked to them on the phone my advice go elswhere you will get a better deal Reviewed on: 9th October 2023

Shambles of an insurance company

Logged a cliam on behalf of manager and provided all information, staff refused to then discuss the matter even after manager had emailed to authorise me discussing this. Also Pratiksha refused to log a complaint or allow me to speak with a manager. Clearly just want to make it as difficult as possible to claim against one of their drivers. Since logging they have made zero contact with myself or my manager and its been over a month since originally logged. Reviewed on: 4th October 2023
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