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Wonderful Vernon embodied the old style mortgage facility and rightfully can call itself a friendly society. Reviewed on: 22nd November 2023

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POOR COMMUNICATORS Led up the garden path by them with a mortgage in principal given & then withdrawn after an offer on property was accepted & fees spent only for it to... Read more Reviewed on: 3rd August 2022

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Your home is likely the largest financial purchase you’ll ever make, so finding the right mortgage product is important. We collect Vernon Building Society mortgage reviews to give you valuable insight into the lender and its products.

Vernon Building Society is an independent mutual, offering a range of mortgage products. Make sure you’re confident with the terms, conditions and interest rates of a mortgage product before taking it out. Always consult the lender or an independent advisor if you’re unsure or have any questions.

If you’re considering a mortgage with Vernon Building Society, learn more about the lender by reading our reviews. Find out what product customers have taken out and how satisfied they have been throughout the mortgage term. Find out how supportive the Society was throughout the application process. Learn all of this and more in our Vernon Building Society mortgage reviews.

Did Vernon Building Society help you purchase your home? Tell us about your experience. Do you have any circumstances that make it harder to secure a mortgage? Was Vernon helpful with this aspect of your mortgage? Was the application process easy to understand? Has the Society kept you up to date with any important mortgage news or changes? Would you recommend the lender to family and friends? Write an honest Vernon Building Society mortgage review today. Together, we can help people like you make better financial decisions.

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Vernon Building Society Mortgages reviews (408)


Primarily, being able to speak on the phone to helpful staff at Stockport is amazing. No complaints. Reviewed on: 22nd November 2023


The give you the personal touch. Reviewed on: 22nd November 2023


Vernon embodied the old style mortgage facility and rightfully can call itself a friendly society. Reviewed on: 22nd November 2023


Large enough to compete in the market but small enough to office a personal service. Reviewed on: 22nd November 2023

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