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Based on 180 reviews, last reviewed 20th Feb 2024
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AA redeemed! After the AA diagnosed the problem last Saturday, I had to leave the car at home as the garage I use has no room on the street to leave overnight. Cou... Read more Reviewed on: 3rd January 2024
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Janette MC

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I have full AA cover and they refuse to help I have full AA cover . I dropped my key in engine bay by mistake . I rang them and asked for help . They refused to come out . It was hardly 5 minutes... Read more Reviewed on: 20th February 2024
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raja s

About the Breakdown Cover

Like many drivers, breaking down is not something we want to think about! But when it happens, You'll be thankful that you're with a good breakdown cover provider. That's were our AA breakdown cover reviews come in. You can read and write YOUR AA Breakdown cover reviews. We started Smart Money People to help drivers like you to find the best breakdown cover based on our honest reviews. Together, we can make financial services work better for everyone.

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AA Breakdown Cover reviews (180)

I have full AA cover and they refuse to help

I have full AA cover . I dropped my key in engine bay by mistake . I rang them and asked for help . They refused to come out . It was hardly 5 minutes job . Avoid . My friend has similar problem few years back and RAC sent help with in minutes . Avoid them they r fraud Reviewed on: 20th February 2024
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raja s

Treat Loyal Customers like Rubbish

A loyal customer since I passed my test, when I needed them the most to attend an accident and recover my vehicle, the first thing they wanted was me to give credit card details even though I was in a state of shock. They also didn’t provide relevant information about a claims service I could have used, which would have saved me a lot of time and stress. Now months after the accident they are on my case for more money for the recovery. They only want your money and have no interest in helping. Reviewed on: 27th January 2024
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Stuck cold and helpless

Me and my mother broke down at 12.15 pm and we immediately rung the aa as my mum has the break down cover well what we thought was break down cover. After receiving the 1st if many times the as would reach us we were hopeful they would be quick and efficient but unfortunately we would be shown how daft we were to think that. After our time was pushed back for the 4th time we rung the number thats provided and the person on the phone did not seem bothered that we could be hit by another vehicle at any point as we were next to a rather busy road. After 3 and a half hours the person finally came and told us we needed to get towed as it wasn't something they could fix at the side of the road but if we were to use this service from the aa they would charge 300-400 pounds but luckily for us we had it sorted and we're able to get it alot cheaper. My mother and I are absolutely appalled the the lack of care and compassion these people have for their customers who pay money. My mother and I were freezing cold and our toes were numb from being sat still in a cold vehicle which we didn't dare turn on. So aswell as waiting a long time to have someone come out we had to then deal with the fact it was cold. As a result of this traumatic experience we have decided to cancel the direct debit for AA and gone to green flag which hopefully is alot better as well as alot cheaper than the AA Reviewed on: 25th January 2024

AA abandoned car at services with key 3 days ago!

My brother came to see me in London for the New Year, arriving on the 29th Dec, his clutch went luckily near my house so managed to get parked up. He called the AA and and they came to see the issue. They said it would need a tow but my brother lives up north and didn't have the correct cover to get a full tow. They gave him the site and code to sign up to the correct cover which he did and arranged a tow on New Years Day. The driver arrived, and said that it would take 8 hours and 3 driver switches to get them and the car home. I gave them my car so they could get on their way. The driver got to the first stop with the car at a services, called my brother and said he didn't have the correct cover and would cost £800 for the full tow. My brother has no choice now but to pay, but the car is still at the services 3 days later with the key on the wheel!! AA can't tell him when they will collect it. Disgusting!! Reviewed on: 4th January 2024
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Hayley C

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