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Great Good value health products, dealt with professionally. Reviewed on: 26th September 2023

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Would give zero if that was an option Impossible to get through. Complete joke of a service Reviewed on: 27th November 2023
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d n

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Aviva Health Insurance reviews (137)

Would give zero if that was an option

Impossible to get through. Complete joke of a service Reviewed on: 27th November 2023
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d n

Terrible Service

Impossible to get through to Aviva over the phone to make or follow up a claim. Exhausting and intrusive claims process even when pre existing conditions are covered through a group policy and the icing on the cake - poor coverage. Do Not USE Reviewed on: 4th November 2023
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Make a claim impossible

I went to see gynaecologist and they gave me medicine that I had adverse affects so need to go back to get different meds. Aviva don’t read documents probably say this is an existing condition and say do not do not do pre existing which it was a new condition. Then they look at the medication and say your menopausal we don’t cover that. I prove I am not and the medication can be used for different things. Then they say you have a prolapse according to the consultant notes and they don’t read clearly because it doesn’t say that. Then they Me the boss who is looking through the paperwork is medical trained. No clearly not and Aviva have been told don’t do things that cost too much money and refuse this claim. Happy to take money but not for you to claim. First time getting private health care but for sure will not be getting Aviva again. But I not sure if all insurance companies are like this. I hope not as I need to try a different company. Reviewed on: 23rd October 2023


If ever you are in need of healthcare this is not the insurance to have. Real time communication with a representative is nigh on impossible, the ChatBot worthless and response to online enquiries / requests take an inordinate period of time, e.g.: claim with GP referral letter submitted two weeks ago and still no response. Reviewed on: 11th October 2023
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John Cadden

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