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Based on 52 reviews, last reviewed 21st Mar 2024
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Trustworthy bank, technology can be improved I'm generally happy with my business account at TSB. I've experienced friendly customer service, the rates and correspondence have been good. What I'd... Read more Reviewed on: 14th March 2023
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They won’t let me transfer funds They won’t let me transfer funds from. TSB current account to a TSB mortgage because is more than £25000. I have to do it at £25000 a day! Reviewed on: 21st March 2024
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TSB business banking reviews at Smart Money People are helping other business people to fund out what being a business banking customer at TSB is really like. With business banking and aspects such as access to finance being so important to many business owners, Smart Money People is becoming the UK's leading source of TSB business banking reviews. Remember that you can write yours too, and join our mission to increase trust and transparency in financial services.

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TSB Business Banking reviews (52)

They won’t let me transfer funds

They won’t let me transfer funds from. TSB current account to a TSB mortgage because is more than £25000. I have to do it at £25000 a day! Reviewed on: 21st March 2024
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Poor systems, heavy bureacracy

Have had my account for a few months and the function of this bank is appalling. Over heavy fraud checks restrict the ability to function as a business. Interface and app function is also poor. Very long wait times on the phone for support. Am switching to Monzo right now whilst on hold with TSB to resolve another issue. AVOID if you want to do any kind of business. Reviewed on: 29th November 2023
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The person who was dealing with me asked me to provide them documents of 2024 and we are in 2023 and they just made an issue on purpose.when i said to them you need more training because how can i send you 2024 documents which didn’t even start yet so they made an accuse for that. I went with barclays and i am more then happy that i just left TSB their services are always down too. Reviewed on: 22nd November 2023
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Wajahat assad

Out dated

Very out dated. Paper statements only and appalling customer service. Please use another bank as leaving them is very hard. Reviewed on: 26th October 2023
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graham thomas

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