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Shame on J-L I'm a big John Lewis fan but their recent change of credit card provider has been a shambles. I've no idea what they have changed provider but for a c... Read more Reviewed on: 27th February 2023
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David James

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Closing account As a JL card holder for many years the service from New Day is not good. On two occasions in the middle of important transactions I have not received... Read more Reviewed on: 23rd May 2023
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K. Ellis

About the Partnership Card

Read our John Lewis Finance Partnership Card reviews to help you to find out about the pros and cons of taking out the Partnership credit card. What kind of features does the John Lewis Partnership card have? What do people think of John Lewis' customer service? Does the card have great benefits? Find out more about the Partnership card by reading our reviews from the Smart Money People community - people like you. You can also write your own John Lewis Partnership Card review to share your own experiences. <br /><br />Smart Money People is the UK's leading financial services review and insight hub. Together, we can make financial services work better for everyone.

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John Lewis Partnership Card reviews (800)

A few teething troubles but!

The change JL undertook to New Day could have gone much more smoothly if perhaps it had been more widely trialled (maybe it wasn't !). However now all is well and we've had no issues and the excellent standard of JL has been recovered Reviewed on: 31st May 2023
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Paul Willis

Closing account

As a JL card holder for many years the service from New Day is not good. On two occasions in the middle of important transactions I have not received the verification code, and have had to switch to my Barclays card. This afternoon I spent 40 minutes on hold only to be disconnected! Tomorrow I close my account. Reviewed on: 23rd May 2023
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K. Ellis

Why Change when it was working fine.

Their new credit card account management is Shambolic. Every month I have issues, on the phone for ages trying to sort out their latest error! Lost payments, constantly chasing them, having to follow-up and get my account credited, get charges refunded trying to keep my credit score accurate and as good as it always was. Their Incompetence is quite incredible. I've contacted the Financial ombudsman........ Don't go anywhere near this credit card. Reviewed on: 21st May 2023
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Tara Foy

Poor service

I have had a John Lewis partnership card for decades. I receive a paper copy of my monthly account - received one but did not receive the next and my account has been suspended. I am finding it extremely difficult to contact this organisation whilst currently abroad - this has not been an issue with the previous provider of this service. Its a very poor service and thinking I will simply close the account Reviewed on: 17th May 2023

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