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I have had no issues In the interest of rebalancing a bit I have had no issues with the new JL credit card. My credit limit was retained and I have found the app straightf... Read more Reviewed on: 21st January 2023

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DIRE I have had a Partnership card and before that a JL store card for about 40 years with an impeccable payment record and yet I was refused a new card wh... Read more Reviewed on: 25th January 2023

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John Lewis Partnership Card reviews (757)


I have had a Partnership card and before that a JL store card for about 40 years with an impeccable payment record and yet I was refused a new card when the system changed. I complained to New Day who initially said the correct decision had been taken so I made a formal complaint to John Lewis. Eventually New Day relented and said they would issue a card - with a £600 credit limit until I had proved myself! If you don't fit the computer algorithm you are stuffed because your previous record is irrelevant, I don't think they even look at it. John Lewis has lost a customer . Reviewed on: 25th January 2023


I have had a John Lewis credit card account for many years, have always paid it on time. With the advent of the new card everything seems to have gone to pot. For the last 3 payments I have paid for it on time and each time I have had a message saying I owe them money. I have sent them prints from my bank account showing that I had paid. They appear to have ignored them and as a result my credit rating has been adversely affected. It now transpires that the payment ended up in my new John Lewis credit card account. I have rung John Lewis on many occasions, there staff who appear to be based in India were next to useless. It appears in changing their credit card provider John Lewis have shot themselves in the foot and whoever made this decision should be shot themselves. They have badly tarnished the name of John Lewis and it will not be the same again Reviewed on: 25th January 2023
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Ian Gunn

Don't use it as your credit card anymore!

I no longer use the partnership card as my default credit card. After decades of the John Lewis card being our default card for everything, we stopped using our except for Waitrose shopping. Having used the card for so very long we were so disappointed in the New Day card arrangements. As we always pay back everything and never incur interest charges, I suppose they don't like that. The statement to payment date is ridiculously short and no other card has that. Disgusting. JL is losing custom. Big mistake to change. We'll only use our M&S card from now on. Reviewed on: 24th January 2023

John Lewis Credit Card Provider let them down

There have been issues ever since JL switched from HSBC to New Day as their Credit Card provider when you need their help. The people at HSBC were polite and efficient and seemed to be aware they represented JL, whereas the Customer Service people at New Day are incompetent at best and can’t be bothered at worst. This card is fine if there are no issues, but as soon as you have one….. My card which is only 3 months old does not work at any payment points either contactless or chip and pin. I spoke to the guy at customer service and I had to explain 3 times what the issue was and then he asked me ‘What is wrong with the card?’ which is precisely the reason I was calling them. He couldn’t deal with the problem and told me someone senior would get in touch within 48 hours. 5 days later and still waiting. I rang John Lewis Customer Services to complain about New Day. I won’t bother chasing it. I will just switch to Amex who have great customer service and you get points off Amazon purchases. John Lewis is badly undermining its service credentials by association with this company. Reviewed on: 23rd January 2023
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