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I have insurance with them As title states I have car insurance through them and it does the job I need it too Reviewed on: 3rd April 2023
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Nathan Paul

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Bank Security Risk With 3 weeks to go before my existing insurance runs out, I contacted Lloyds insurance for a quote and to give details that I had now retired and as s... Read more Reviewed on: 28th May 2023
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M. Copp

About the Car Insurance

Choosing your next car insurance provider can be difficult with so many on the market. Here at Smart Money People we collect Lloyds Bank car insurance reviews from genuine Lloyds Bank customers to give you some insight into what you can expect as a policyholder. Lloyds Bank insurance products can be traced back to 1688, now offering a multitude of policies to cover a variety of needs, such as home, business, landlord and car insurance. With a range of cover options to suit various budgets and needs, could they have the perfect policy for you? Check out the Lloyds Bank car insurance reviews on Smart Money People to make an informed decision about your next provider. What’s the most important aspect of a car insurance policy to you? Perhaps you simply want the lowest priced premium, or maybe you’d prefer to pay for some optional extras? Accessible and communicative customer service might be at the top of your priority list? Whatever your needs, read our Lloyds Bank car insurance reviews to see how existing customers rate their policies. Have you had a car insurance policy with Lloyds Bank? Whether good or bad, share your experience with other drivers on Smart Money People so we can help people like you make better decisions. Were you satisfied with the level of cover you received for the cost of the premium? Did you have any experience with Lloyds’ customer service? Did you have to make a claim, and if so, how well was it handled? Leave an honest Lloyds Bank car insurance review today.

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Lloyds Bank Car Insurance reviews (119)

Bank Security Risk

With 3 weeks to go before my existing insurance runs out, I contacted Lloyds insurance for a quote and to give details that I had now retired and as such, I was doing less mileage. We decided that they shouldn’t renew the policy when it ended. A few days later, I received an email that my now closed Lloyds business bank account had refused their request for £1.44 ( apparently an increase as I was now retired.) The important thing to note is that they would have taken this money without my knowledge had my Lloyds account still been in use. When I complained to the insurance company, they said I wasn’t properly insured anymore because I’d now retired and just asked me to pay it over the phone.. I asked them to email me an invoice which they refused to do before writing off the amount. Of course, £1.44 is neither here nor there but it could have been £144 or £1440. The point is; They would have taken this money without my knowledge and without my permission just because I banked with them and they have absolutely no right to take money from my bank without my permission. BE WARNED!!! Reviewed on: 28th May 2023
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M. Copp

Avoid this company

Did fully comprehensive unfortunately had an issue on motorway and had soo many 1 hour calls then lead to a legal advisor twice being told should have cover then told would not receive a penny with no emails to explain. Nightmare, will dispute but told could take at least 8 weeks!!! Reviewed on: 23rd May 2023


So I ask for a quote for my car insurance wow Lloyd's? My insurance with hastings is 680 pounds a year third party fire and theft.lloyds quote was 1200 pounds a year fully comp or 2600 a year third party fire and theft that's pure theft from Lloyd's wow how can they be so much more expensive and why is third party more than twice as much as fully comp.so I asked Lloyd's they said some off the providers they use don't do third party fire and theft so they over quote so you dont except wtf... Reviewed on: 16th April 2023
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chris lloyd

Car insurance

I had my car stolen and needed to go through Lloyds car insurance to sort new keys etc. The service I have received has been shocking, I’ve been on hold for over an hour on many occasions. Passed to different departments, they sub contracted my claim out. I was without a car for three weeks. They ignore emails and don’t reply, do not use if you want a reliable and good service. I’m in the process of going through a complaint and it takes a month for them to give an outcome says a lot! Reviewed on: 11th April 2023

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