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Easy to use Quick and easy on the ball keep.you informed all the time Reviewed on: 4th June 2023
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Robert Ford

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So so I would classify Zopa as so so as they do not react well to any form of criticism. Their customer service certainly needs improving as currently they ... Read more Reviewed on: 5th April 2023
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About the Smart Saver

Smart Saver is a savings account that lets you allocate your savings into Access anytime and Boosted interest pots, all managed from Zopa's app. If you have used this savings account, please leave a review to tell other customer's what you think.

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Zopa Smart Saver reviews (4611)

Easy to use

Quick and easy on the ball keep.you informed all the time Reviewed on: 4th June 2023
Robert Ford's avatar
Robert Ford

Convenient account with competitive rate

The Zopa Smart Saver is very easy to set up and manage via their mobile banking app. The rate is also competitive and is quick to respond to changes in the Bank of England base rate. Really impressed. Reviewed on: 3rd June 2023

Great Interest, Flexible & Easy To Use App

Always offer very good interest. App is very easy to use and there is excellent flexibility with being able to add to or withdraw from savings very simply. A nice straightforward savings app. Reviewed on: 2nd June 2023
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Excellent savings account

The ability to save in various pots is a game changer, and fixing them for slightly enhanced rates. Would be 5 stars if they allowed automatic splitting to pots when scheduled payments go in Reviewed on: 1st June 2023
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Gordon Hill

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