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Close Brothers: Car Finance reviews

Based on 59 reviews, last reviewed 19th Apr 2024
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Finance Helpful and a quick return have use close brothers a few times Reviewed on: 17th September 2023
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Chris Allen

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Avoid these con artists! Financed a car for my elderly, disabled mother and it’s not road worthy, in fact it’s dangerous. Timing chain, head gasket and leaking oil all over th... Read more Reviewed on: 19th April 2024
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Victoria r

About the Car Finance

Close Brothers offer car finance for both new and used cars, vans and motorbikes across the UK. If you've taken out a car finance policy, you too can leave a Close Brothers car finance review below.

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Close Brothers Car Finance reviews (59)

Avoid these con artists!

Financed a car for my elderly, disabled mother and it’s not road worthy, in fact it’s dangerous. Timing chain, head gasket and leaking oil all over the brakes and onto the engine and floor to name but a few issues. Had the car assessed at 2 garages and both have said it needs a complete engine rebuild and is not safe to drive. Close brothers finance took 3 months to arrange with the dealer to have the car back to repair and it’s come back with more issues than it left with. The dealer is a very unpleasant man and clearly a con artist, his online reviews are absolutely dire, a finance company shouldn’t even be working with this “trader” at all. Now the car is back and deemed dangerous close brothers are ignoring my elderly mothers calls at all costs and have offered no help at all. This car needs rejecting and a replacement found. My next call is to trading standards and the financial ombudsman in regards to both close brothers and the original dealer to try and get this dealt with. Reviewed on: 19th April 2024
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Victoria r

Very unprofessional service from Close Brothers don'...

Very unprofessional service from Close Brothers don't have corporate ethicks Lorraine from Complain team has least experience to handle customer, Close Brothers Motor Finance poor managment system cant be trusted at all. also they have all dodgy dealers, broker plus support all dodgy car dealer she will go at any label for her greed. a finance to purchase a BMWX5 YC65TZM on 21/2/24 car was with full of serious fault 1. Drivetrain Engine Failure 2. Brocken suspension 3. Break does not work at all I inform her and rejected this car on 23/2/24 within 3 days of purchase close brother Lorraine refuse to listen to me even force me to take that faulty car I have requested her to inspect or arrange the repair evidence bill receipts etc she just bang phone on my face, after 3 weeks I have collect the vehicle on 20/3/24 again on 25/03/24 the same fault Drivetrain and poor Breaks I have send all evidence audio, Video and emails but still to close brothers finance and dodgy broker choose my finance or choose my car they simply refuse to cooperate. Very unprofessional attitude I am not sure what was their personal interest on forcing me to buy this car else in UK as per law if there is fault in the vehicle can reject within 6 months but they force me all the way to collect this car now I have collected the car and sent it to BMW main Dealer to inspect the car. I was socked when I got the report from BMW there are more than 8 serious faults including drive train, main battery does not work attached mileage wise fault on the top of that I have not even received V5C after 5 Weeks. this was very disappointing for a customer the dealer, broker and the finance company does not cooperate at all I spent another £2000 on my taxi bills etc which is they have to compensate, to get fair justice in the UK now I am seeking legal advise to sue all of them for selling faulty vehicle, forcing customer to drive a faulty car and mental harassment from last 6 weeks. Reviewed on: 28th March 2024
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***DO NOT BUY****DO NOT BUY***** My daughter bought a Mini in August 2022. Within 2 weeks the engine warning light came on and was immediately taken back. The mechanic turned the light off, said what caused it and advised he'd know what the cause was if it happened again! The car then broke down on a dark, November evening. Luckily, just after driving through lanes. The RAC said it wasn't safe to drive and towed it to Tiley's. After 'repairing' it the car broke down again within weeks. The car was unsafe, not fit for purpose, DANGEROUS! The attitude of the Owner when speaking to women is disgusting. A condescending, chauvinistic person. He was very friendly to my Husband! My daughter raised a complaint to REJECT the car. Part finance through Close Brothers meant that they organised an Independent review. After a very short drive the conclusion was there were no faults. On subsequently looking at reviews online it would appear they act in favour of the requestor. The car was taken to a Mini dealership at her own expense, where multiple faults were found. The complaint was taken to the Ombudsman and was upheld. Over a year after purchasing the car was collected and a full refund plus compensation was given. If you have already purchased a car please look to REJECT the car as is your Consumer right. If you haven't purchased, STOP!! DON'T BUY A DANGEROUS, COSTLY VEHICLE. Reviewed on: 22nd February 2024
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beverley stackhouse

Avoid like the plague

I've been waiting over 3 months for Close Bros to approve a repair on my vehicle. Their call system is atrocious, I've typically been waiting to speak to a call handler for between 1 to 3.5hrs. When they do answer and aren't able to transfer my call, I request a callback for a claims handler or manager but they don't have the decency to return my call. If you can get finance with another company, please do. You'll save yourself time, stress and hassle. Horrendous customer service Reviewed on: 18th January 2024
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Hitesh P

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