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Excellent staff Whenever me & my family had got problems they helped us quickly and warmly. Reviewed on: 7th February 2022
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SCAM 3 years I am. Member of club and paying 20 pounds per month. I opened case for only one claim. They don't help you. They ask same question alwasy sen... Read more Reviewed on: 20th March 2023

About the Travel Insurance

Do you buy travel insurance before going abroad? There are hundreds of different travel insurance policies on the market, all designed to help you stay protected while travelling...and giving you piece of mind, whether you're enjoying a sun swept beach or on an adverture-packed holiday. But with so many different policies to choose from, finding the right policy for you can be quite confusing. Reading our Lloyds Bank travel insurance reviews can help you find out what other travellers have to say. You can also write your Lloyds Bank travel insurance review too!

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Lloyds Bank Travel Insurance reviews (36)


3 years I am. Member of club and paying 20 pounds per month. I opened case for only one claim. They don't help you. They ask same question alwasy sending emails, asking same paperworks, and never nothing happening. Absolutely scam. They not real. They don't help. At the 4 months my claim. Still playing with you. I thing this company scam Reviewed on: 20th March 2023

watch out for the small print!!

The Lloyds Bank website says that the Platinum Account Travel Insurance covers cancellations and missed departures. If you read the small print it says that you are not covered unless you have actually checked in. when the flight is cancelled. It specifically excludes online check-in - it has to be a physical check in. There are two problems here. Firstly if you have no bags you don't check in at the counter so if the flight is cancelled while you're in the departure lounge you are not covered.because they require a paper boarding card as one of the required documents.you have to submit. Secondly, .you can't actually check in at the desk more than 2 hours before departure. So if the flight has already been cancelled (through bad weather eg) then you can't check in at all, and you cannot make a claim. So if you miss your connecting flight and you have no comeback. I know - my flight from Isle of Man to catch a long-haul connecting flight at Heathrow was cancelled. So I had to buy a new ticket at great expense and could not make a claim. I've banked with Lloyds for 53 years and pay a monthly fee of £15. NOT ANY MORE! Reviewed on: 17th March 2023

Not fit for purpose

I have asked this new insurance company on 2 occasions for advice and both times they do not know and refer me to their t and cs. They do not know what their customers are covered on and this seems like a cheap option for Lloyds to perhaps encourage Gold account customers to upgrade as this Travel insurance is useless and not fit for purpose. The previous company was much better so why did Lloyds change???? Money perhaps??? Certainly not in their customers interest or benefit. Reviewed on: 30th January 2023
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Left me for dead in Mexico

Told me they won't pay or help because the local clinics over prescribed. While that may be the case they offered no help or alternative. Worst travel insurance company ever. Avoid it might cost you your life. Reviewed on: 19th January 2023

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