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Santander: Business Current Account reviews

Based on 84 reviews, last reviewed 7th May 2024
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No issues Been with Santander for business since 2007 and had no issues and zero fees Reviewed on: 11th April 2023
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Lisa Marie Morton

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Would not recommend Santander buisness banking. Would not recommend Santander buisness banking. Our business, established nearly 30 years with a healthy revenue, applied for a corporate account nea... Read more Reviewed on: 7th May 2024
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Trade Paints UK Ltd

About the Business Current Account

The Santander Business Current Account is designed for both start-ups and established businesses. Ideal for everyday business banking needs, the account charges a low monthly fee and has arranged overdraft options.

Finding the right bank account to manage your business's finances can be difficult with so many on the market. We collect Santander Business Current Account reviews to help you make an informed decision. Read about genuine experiences from other business owners to learn more about the account.

Find out why customers chose the Santander Business Current Account and learn more about the sign-up process. Find out what features the mobile banking app has. Read about genuine experiences with the customer service team to learn how swiftly Santander solves its customers’ concerns. All of this and more can be found in our Santander Business Current Account reviews.

If you do your business banking with Santander, share your experience with others on Smart Money People. How long have you had your Business Current Account and have you been satisfied so far? What is your favourite feature of the account and is there anything you feel could be improved? Have you encountered any issues with the account, and if so, how well did Santander resolve them? Would you recommend the account to other business owners? Whether good or bad, write an honest Santander Business Current Account review today. Together, we can help people like you make better financial decisions.

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Santander Business Current Account reviews (84)

Would not recommend Santander buisness banking.

Would not recommend Santander buisness banking. Our business, established nearly 30 years with a healthy revenue, applied for a corporate account nearly 3 weeks ago. To date, we have received NO communication from their onboarding team. Totally unprofessional, unreliable & unresponsive! NEVER AGAIN!! Our business will now look elsewhere. Reviewed on: 7th May 2024
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Trade Paints UK Ltd


Closed business account that I’d held for 10 years never in debt always in credit yet after months of questions from staff they employed from non banking background asking silly questions which we answered easily they said we passed all checks then 6 months later with no explanation we receive letter stating they closing our business account and thst they don’t have to give an explanation. Best in mind i also have 2 current accounts 2 different isas a credit card and a savings account with them all of which in credit for more than 25 years !! Not allowed to ask why they decided to close business account . Horrendous behaviour I always told my friends and family to join Santander as a bank as we as a family total 10 accounts all in credit and good credit levels but now that has ended shoddy behaviour and I’m not the only person hundreds have told me how Santander after up to 40 years with them are having accounts closed so no don’t go near them Reviewed on: 16th January 2024
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Deborah C

So fed up I am moving my 6 business accounts to another bank

Continuous poor experiences with Santander bank admin leaves me currently unable to receive OTP's so unable to pay suppliers. This has been ongoing for 8 days now and still no resolution. You are kept on hold for 20 minutes before being passed from department to department. Reviewed on: 27th October 2023
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Andrew mcCausland

Amateurish customer support, long waiting times and archaic web based utilities. AVOID

I'm currently on hold for 40 mins for the third time in as many days trying to sort out a simple fraud check for an invoice payment. I've been blocked out of my account for this period, and have been told 3 different stories, and that resolution would be happening. On each occasion the resolution hasn't happened. My patience has run out with Santander. Their mobile app and website is like something out of the noughties. Phone support is appalling with long waiting times and clueless staff. Avoid at all costs. Reviewed on: 6th September 2023
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Tim Maclean

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