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11,261 reviews

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I got my funds withdraw on my instantmarchantpayment after the help of @shannifaiq on Telegram, he activated my account. My friend instantfunding account also got done too.

Reviewed on 11th September 2022
Richard Jain Kasody's avatar
Richard Jain Kasody

Low APR Decent Credit limit

App is good too - shame they don’t do current accounts!

Reviewed on 18th August 2022
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Peter Shores

More than just a credit card

Finding Zopa really helped me to get my finances under control from setting a cushion to help check my finance stability and keep payments under control and manageable. The app is super to use. Really impressive service from Zopa

Reviewed on 5th August 2022
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Very good service and great customer service

Reviewed on 22nd July 2022
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Patrick St Patrick

Very unprofessional service!

Very unprofessional service! The worst company! I only had problems with them! avoid as much as possible! problems, problems and problems again! A very small problem that has not been solved for several months and come with generic messages, avoid!

Reviewed on 25th May 2022
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Marius D

Very helpful

Very good service helpful people and both myself and my wife agree

Reviewed on 29th April 2022
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Excellent Service

Great credit card, so easy to set up and they keep you up to date with information. App user friendly. No problems whatsoever. Cracking company to be with

Reviewed on 14th April 2022
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Lindsay leyland

How it should be!

Great app/Features/Customer service. I love zopa

Reviewed on 13th April 2022
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Donna Mc Laughlin


Fantastic credit card staff helpful when I call them

Reviewed on 9th April 2022
naomi.allport@yahoo.com's avatar

Very good

Very informative with how they do things and let you know how you are spending and helpful

Reviewed on 8th April 2022
Steve Peacock's avatar
Steve Peacock


Great app and great customer service. Reminder txt ans easy ways to pay

Reviewed on 7th April 2022
Heather's avatar

Zopa credit card

App keeps things simple, to make it easy to get on top off. Payments are notified promptly and payment to tge card dealt with in minutes. No 2 working day rubbish.

Reviewed on 5th April 2022
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First class

What can I say but spot on first class fantastic

Reviewed on 5th April 2022
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Brian corrigan

Amazing company

Very helpfull and quick sercice.

Reviewed on 4th April 2022
Catalin's avatar

Amazing customer service

Any issues I have had with the card company has been resolved swiftly and correctly

Reviewed on 4th April 2022
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Kyle Bertenshaw


I can't say anything bad about ZOPA

Reviewed on 4th April 2022
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Shelly Kenniston

Fast response with transactions in and out

Very fast response keeping your balance information up to date at that second in time.

Reviewed on 4th April 2022
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Mark Heywood

Friendly customer services

Fast and efficient customer services when things go wrong.

Reviewed on 4th April 2022
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Good service provided by them

My experience was very good with them

Reviewed on 4th April 2022
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Ali Abdullah

Is look like nice and fair

I’m happy to be with Zopa because is look nice and friendly

Reviewed on 4th April 2022
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