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Good change of mind Got an increased renewal that seemed high On asking to rethink got a much better quote Unhappy with the initial high quote but very happy with respons... Read more Reviewed on: 11th September 2023
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Becareful ! (from my real experience) Like some people made complaints here. I am a new victom suffer from policy cancelled from this company with a ridiculous explanation. They just kee... Read more Reviewed on: 27th November 2023

About the Car Insurance

Looking for your new car insurance provider? Check out the Hastings Direct car insurance reviews on Smart Money People, left by genuine customers to help you make an informed decision when choosing your next provider.

Founded in 1997, Hastings Direct offers car, van, bike and home insurance, providing flexible policies with a wide range of optional extras. Its car insurance policies come with varying levels of cover, alongside a telematics policy, YouDrive, which rewards good driving with lower renewal rates.

What factors do you consider to be most important when choosing a car insurance provider? Are you looking for a telematics policy that can save you money? Perhaps you require breakdown cover or courtesy car cover? What about windscreen cover, or protection from vandalism? Whatever your needs, check out our Hastings Direct car insurance reviews to see how existing customers rate their policies.

Have you had a Hastings Direct car insurance policy? Share your experience with the Smart Money People community to help us increase trust and transparency in financial services. Tell us how satisfied you were with the price of the premium, and whether you managed to find cover for all of your needs? If you’ve had a YouDrive policy, did you find the scoring of your driving fair, and did you find a noticeable discount on your renewal? Leave a Hastings Direct car insurance review today and help other drivers.

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Hastings Direct Car Insurance reviews (569)

Becareful ! (from my real experience)

Like some people made complaints here. I am a new victom suffer from policy cancelled from this company with a ridiculous explanation. They just keep denying their faults. I got 2 car policys in this company. 1 of these policy have many error information that charged me for those correction and requested me to pay extra 400 more for a non fault claim history. However, the 2nd policy doesn't these problem at all. I refused to pay the extra and sent them the claim document which stated clearly my previous claim is a non fault claim. One of the CS told me a few days before that they would update the information accordingly after they receive the document. However, they did receive my email but no update at all and then cancelled my policy because I didn't pay the extra premium. I kept all email copies and their promise on phone. I would make complaint through all available channels. We should fight for our consumer rights especially I got enough information on hand. Reviewed on: 27th November 2023

car insurance claim

I have had a live claim since March this year, the customer service from start to finish has been appalling so far. The lack of communication from the beginning of the claim has been non existent, I have had to call each and every time to be met with advisors who have no clue what they are doing at all. They pass you from department to department and each and every advisor has no clue what to do or how to handle information. Passed to their legal team 1 email in July since then nothing. I would not recommend using Hasting Direct for any insurance at all. Reviewed on: 15th November 2023
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One star as zero isnt an option

One star only because zero isn’t an option!!! I’ve been driving for 12 years, maximum no claims bonus. Never made a claim in my life not even a windscreen claim. I’ve been a loyal customer for years with Hastings then suddenly this morning I get an email saying they can’t renew this year. None of my details have changed, I live in the countryside, I’m probably one of the lowest risk people you could possibly want to insure. They won’t give a reason for why they won’t renew me just a straight no after all these years of paying in full every year and being a loyal customer! Absolute joke. I can’t wait to see the day Hastings insurance goes into liquidation, karma. I hope everyone you insure make claims this year Reviewed on: 13th November 2023

Insurance quote doubled in price again

So I just recieved my insurance quote fron Hastings direct which has more than doubled to now be £1048/year for a diesel audi TT. This is now the second year that they have doubled my premium with no reason and customer services that tell you no discount for long existing customer. Pay it of leave is their advise.This is from October 2023. This company is a money grabbing joke. Reviewed on: 26th October 2023

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