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RankNameLatest AchievementKarma Credits
1's avatar Michael Fotis 3rd Birthday260
2's avatar Jeff Mega helpful!250
3's avatar Richard Turnbull 3rd Birthday225
4's avatar Kristy Leanne Brown 3rd Birthday220
5's avatar TheBobbyB 3rd Birthday220
6's avatar Red Black 3rd Birthday215
7's avatar Christine Evans 3rd Birthday210
8's avatar jack1986 3rd Birthday210
9's avatar Fran Drewett 3rd Birthday205
10's avatar asajj 3rd Birthday200
11's avatar nat 3rd Birthday200
12's avatar Paulc 3rd Birthday200
13's avatar Glyn Williams 3rd Birthday195
14's avatar Claire Bay Scott 3rd Birthday195
15's avatar Clayton Wiehahn Williams 2nd Birthday195
16's avatar Sara Rosa Happy anniversary195
17's avatar Annette Oliver Hot 25185
18's avatar Ailsa Sheldon Hot 25185
19's avatar Mike Clarke I love reviews!185
20's avatar Heart Hearty 3rd Birthday185
21's avatar Stuart Allen 3rd Birthday185
22's avatar Rob Scott 3rd Birthday180
23's avatar Emily Clark Hot 25180
24's avatar mark 3rd Birthday180
25's avatar Rachel H Genesis175

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