This week, we’ve got a head to head customer satisfaction analysis between two leading high street retail banks, Halifax and Santander.

We’ve taken a look at two of the most commonly held products, current accounts and credit cards, and analysed customer satisfaction ratings across the buying and servicing of these products.

Current accounts

Credit cards

Boiling it down

  • One of the notable trends is that customer satisfaction is lower during the buying process than during the day-to-day servicing of current accounts across Halifax and Santander. The opposite is true with credit cards
  • Halifax credit cards appear to be a significant area of dissatisfaction, with an overall customer satisfaction rating of 3.95/5
  • Although Santander has higher customer satisfaction across its current account products than Halifax, the percentage of customers who feel that they have been fairly treated is noticeably lower than Halifax (69% vs 79%)

Next week

We’ll look at the root cause of some of our neutral reviews, and how this population can be developed intro brand advocates.

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The data used to create this post has been sourced from our  Halifax reviews and Santander reviews.